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Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

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June 4, 2023

Ensure you have the resources in place to hit hiring goals

Capacity Planner Dashboard

Build a tighter and more accurate recruiter capacity model that can weather unexpected changes, without the million-tab spreadsheets and faulty back-of-the-envelope math.

Justify resource requests and build a stronger partnership with Finance

Capacity Planner Hires by Department

Capture the rights insights and historical context on recruiting capacity to drive productive conversations with finance.

Design a plan that is flexible to unexpected business changes

Capacity Planner Scenario Planning

Incorporate different scenarios to account for attrition and reduced recruiter availability so you always know how hiring goals will be impacted.

Set the right expectations with business partners

Capacity Planner Charts

Close the delta between your team’s capacity and business plan. Drive alignment with insights and visuals that are inviting to everyone.

Capacity Planner Hires by Department

What You Can do with Gem’s Capacity Planner:

  • Use historical recruiter data to forecast with accuracy

  • Automatically update your plan in real-time with ATS activity

  • Visualize hiring progress for quick status update on goals

  • Address resource constraints or gaps in capacity with scenario plans

End the tug-of-war to get resourced

Deliver talent needed on time to support strategic business priorities with the right insights, real-time forecasting, and flexible scenario planning.

If you’re ready to capacity plan with confidence and replace the spreadsheets, contact sales or your Customer Success Manager to learn more.


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