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Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

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June 4, 2023

At Gem, we understand that if there’s a pair that needs to come together as a power duo to make any given hire happen, it’s the recruiter and the hiring manager who oversees the team with the open role. We’ve built our product with that relationship in mind. Doing so has meant focusing on four core elements: speed, communication, collaboration, and visibility. Here’s how Gem supports those elements, allowing you to truly make hiring a team sport:

Prospect Search & Candidate Rediscovery

Prospects: Silver Medalists

Your hiring managers want their reqs filled as quickly as possible; and your likeliest strategy for reducing time-to-hire is to have a ready talent pool. So stop sourcing from scratch, and reach out first to the talent you’ve already initiated relationships with, or who’ve already bought into your organization. Gem allows you to search your entire CRM and ATS for previous candidates—silver medalists, for example, or prospects who clicked into a piece of hyperlinked content but didn’t respond to your outreach.

You can filter on almost any attribute: job, department, demographic, hiring stage previously reached, rejection reason, interview feedback, and so on. Then quickly add those prospects to a sequence and send. Gem will auto-personalize each email with refreshed data from that person’s LinkedIn profile.

Resume Review

Resume Review

Gem’s Resume Review allows talent teams and hiring managers to calibrate on profiles from the very beginning, so recruiters can better understand what their hiring managers’ ideal candidate looks like. With Resume Review, the picture becomes clearer for recruiters, because hiring managers are asked to articulate what they’re looking for or why a particular prospect is not very compelling to them from the beginning.

When a recruiter submits batches of prospects for a hiring manager review, the manager will get an email from Gem with a direct link to the review section of Gem. Hiring Managers can quickly flip through the book of resumes and approve or reject as they go, leaving more detailed notes on each profile if they wish. Those notes are logged in the prospect’s Activity Feed in Gem, so everyone else on the team can benefit from that context the next time they’re on that person’s profile. Recruiters can then quickly add everyone who was approved directly to an outreach sequence.


Outreach with Chrome Extension

Top-of-funnel visibility. With Gem’s Activity Feed and Rules of Engagement, hiring managers don’t have to worry that they’re stepping on recruiters’ toes if there’s someone they want to reach out to. Hiring teams can see a prospect’s entire history with your recruiting org—every touchpoint they’ve had with every member of your team. This allows them to follow up with appropriate context, offering a seamless candidate experience and representing the company in a unified, professional way.

Outreach analytics. Hiring managers and team members also have visibility into each others’ messaging. They can dig into the outreach that sees the best open, click, reply, or interested rates, and uncover best practices from those top-performing messages.

Send-on-Behalf-of (SOBO). Sending on behalf of a hiring manager has been shown to double response rates for email sequences. (In fact, some of our customers have quadrupled response rates with this feature.) SOBO allows recruiters and managers to collaborate on outreach to whatever degree the hiring manager wants to be involved. Email aliases allow the recruiter to directly handle replies—though it looks like the outreach came from the HM. Alternatively, prospect replies can go directly to the hiring manager’s own inbox, who then takes charge of the correspondence.

Talent Compass

For TA teams looking for insights that offer strategic guidance, Gem offers Talent Compass. Talent Compass is equipped with full-funnel visibility, hiring forecasts, performance metrics, and executive reporting that teams use to plan ahead and collaboratively guide their recruiting strategy.

Pipeline Forecasting: Expired Hires

Forecasting. Talent Compass includes a forecasting calculator that projects not only how many hires you can expect to make, but also by when, allowing recruiters to set realistic timelines for hiring managers. Reqs can be forecast at the individual job or aggregate level (i.e. department). The calculator also works backwards: users can input the final number of hires they would like to make and the calculator will output the number of candidates and applicants required at each stage in order to meet final goals.

Pipeline Analytics End-to-End Visibility

Pipeline Analytics. Gem’s Pipeline Analytics gives hiring managers ongoing visibility into the activities happening at all stages of the funnel, empowering them to feel like they’re part of a process they can see and understand. Passthrough rates pinpoint where candidates are falling out of process or where they get stuck in holding patterns, so recruiters and hiring managers can work together on optimizing those parts of their funnel.

Dashboard Filtered by Department

Dashboards. Within Talent Compass, users can launch configurable, presentation-ready reports to visualize KPIs. With easily-digestible metrics on hand, talent acquisition teams can come to hiring manager meetings prepared to discuss how they’re progressing and where there are opportunities to improve.

Talent Pipeline

Talent Pipeline Kanban Board

Gem’s Talent Pipeline allows recruiters and hiring managers to see all active candidates in a color-coded Kanban board, grouped by stage-in-process. They also see which candidates require actions—whether by the hiring manager or the recruiter—which means recruiters no longer have to ping their HMs reminders all the time. Gem automatically surfaces candidates to the top of each stage based on urgency. From the candidate tiles, users can access key details, customize views, and process candidates—and all actions are automatically synced back to their ATS.

Talent Pipeline equips recruiters to come prepared for their weekly hiring manager syncs. They can offer quick digestible snapshots of their pipelines and then narrow the focus of discussion by filtering for the stages they want to show. Talent Pipeline also automates report sharing to ease the burden of keeping hiring managers upto-date. Instead of manually gathering candidate information from every stage and sending it out, users can set up automated report-sharing through Slack, email, or a direct URL.

“We’ve tried everything and Gem is the first product to delight our hiring managers. Now, everyone’s involved in the hiring process—our entire company is an extension of the recruiting team!”

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