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Gem Feature Release Update: February 2020

Sarah Koo

Sarah Koo

Head of Product

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March 12, 2020

It was a busy February here at Gem! Take a look at our newest features—from sequence reply views, to Pipeline Yield Prediction, and more!

Happy March, fellow Talent Acquisition folks!

Gem Feature Release Update- February 2020 (1)

You may have lost an hour last weekend (whose clocks are still wrong?), but this week you're gaining our freshly-minted 2020 Benchmarks Report. Curl up with your quarantined self and read about how to gauge your recruiting org against the rest of the industry... and feel free to share with anyone you'd like.

Onto the new releases!

View Sequence Replies in Activity Feed

Gem Feature Release Update- February 2020 (2)

Tons have asked to be able to see a candidate's reply, even if someone else on your team sequenced them. Now you can!

Gem Feature Release Update- February 2020 (3)

Outreach Stats - Team Activity See the breakdown of Email vs. InMail and gender in a cleaner view.

Gem Feature Release Update- February 2020 (4)

Name Normalization "Google" or "Google, Inc."? "Ohio State University" or "The Ohio State University"? Doesn't matter. We'll suggest a normalized version of company and school names so you don't need to clutter up your CRM with a dozen variants of the same thing.

Gem Feature Release Update- February 2020 (5)

Pin Notes

Gem Feature Release Update- February 2020 (6)

For notes on candidates that are particularly important to know, pin them to keep them at the top of the activity feed.

Pipeline Analytics

  • Filter on individual Greenhouse Rejection Reasons

  • Pipeline Yield Prediction: In the funnel view, click the calculator icon on the far right to find a new section in the pop-up that allows you to see how many active candidates are in each stage of the selected pipeline, and how many candidates you can expect to hire based on your historic passthrough rates.

    Gem Feature Release Update- February 2020 (7)

Talent Pipeline You can now filter on specific Greenhouse jobs.

Gem Jobs For those of you agencies/consultancies using our jobs management suite, we have a bunch of new stuff for you:- CSV download from the main Jobs page- Sortable columns- Close jobs to get hide them from view- Activity feed now contains candidate stage changes

Gem Bot For All For those of you on Lever, you previously didn't receive Gem Bot emails on your sequences. Now, when you send an email sequence through Gem, you might notice an immediate reply (just to you, and it goes straight to your "Sent" folder) to give you some quick links to the candidate.

Gem Feature Release Update- February 2020 (8)

And finally, one feedback request: have you ever wanted to share Outreach Stats or Pipeline Analytics outside of Gem? Have you ever tried sharing links to reports?

Send us an email and let us know - we'd love to figure out how to build this for you.

Thanks for reading, and hope to chat soon!

Gem Feature Release Update- February 2020 (9)

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