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Gem Certified™ by Great Place to Work® 4th year in a row!

Salehah Hassan

Salehah Hassan

Head of Recruiting

Posted on

April 12, 2023

Gem has once again secured its position as one of the Great Places to Work in the US. For four consecutive years, Gem has been recognized by the prestigious Great Place to Work Institute, a global organization that helps businesses create high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures through its survey and evaluation process.

The Great Place to Work survey is a comprehensive evaluation of employee satisfaction and engagement. It assesses the quality of the workplace culture by examining a company's policies, practices, and management style. It provides an opportunity for employees to anonymously provide feedback on their work environment, management, and leadership; and the results are benchmarked against other companies in the same industry.

For Gem, the latest survey results are a testament to the company's commitment to its employees. Gem scored a 96% employee satisfaction rating—an impressive feat considering the challenges so many organizations are facing in a post-pandemic world, and in today’s market. The survey revealed that Gem employees highly value justice, leadership, and excellent customer service as key components of the company's culture.

Gem's focus on justice is reflected in its commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable workplace. The company actively seeks to attract and retain a diverse workforce; and its policies are designed to promote fairness, transparency, and accountability. Gem's leadership also prioritizes creating an environment of trust and respect, where employees feel empowered to voice their opinions and contribute to the company's success.

In terms of providing excellent customer service, Gem's employees take pride in delivering the best possible experience to clients. The company's customer-centric approach is ingrained in its culture, and Gem employees are highly motivated to ensure that clients are satisfied with the product and service they receive.

Gem's success as a great place to work is a result of its commitment to continuous improvement. The company regularly seeks feedback from employees and acts on it to improve policies, practices, and the work environment. The leadership team is highly engaged with employees and takes a hands-on approach to managing the company.

Gem's fourth consecutive recognition as a Great Place to Work is a testament to its commitment to employee satisfaction and engagement. Its focus on justice, leadership, and providing excellent customer service has helped create a culture of trust, respect, and accountability. Gem's employees are motivated, engaged, and proud to be part of a company that values their contributions and invests in their success.

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