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Gem acquires InterviewPlanner for Scheduling Automation
We’re excited to announce the acquisition of InterviewPlanner and embed it into our platform as a newly integrated solution, Gem Scheduling.
Gem x Interview Planner | Gem Scheduling


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Gem Launches Talent CRM & Announces Series A Financing

Steve Bartel

Steve Bartel

CEO and Co-Founder

Posted on

May 11, 2019

Over the past few years, we’ve been proud to provide best-in-class sourcing solutions to brilliant companies like Dropbox, Unity, and One Medical.

Today, we’re excited to launch our talent CRM as a natural extension of our sourcing product. Our vision is to help teams build relationships with talent beyond the initial outreach. As we broaden our mission, we’re changing our name as well, from ZenSourcer to Gem. And if that isn’t enough, we’re also announcing our $9M Series A financing from Accel.

Looking back on our time building engineering teams at Dropbox and Facebook, Nick and I realized there was a startling gap in the technology that supports hiring. The HR technology landscape had sliced the hiring funnel into three areas: candidate discovery (LinkedIn), interview management (ATS), and employee management (HCM).

The problem is, most people we wanted to work with already had a great job and weren’t ready to start interviewing. Our approach was to build relationships, and to stay organized we created spreadsheets that we called our “list of Gems”.

We are delighted to announce our new name, Gem, and our newest product addressing candidate relationship management,Gem CRM. With Gem CRM, you can:

  • Manage passive talent with notes, due dates, and custom fields.

  • Build relationships at scale by sending personal content at optimal intervals.

  • Monitor every touchpoint in a candidate’s relationship with your company.

  • Prevent outreach redundancy and ensure great candidate experience.

  • Forecast, track goals, and measure return on investment by understanding your entire recruiting pipeline from reach-out to offer out.

We caught up with one of our early users and favorite Sourcing pros, Maisha Cannon from Procore Technologies, about her previous experience managing candidate relationships.

“What do you do when a candidate tells you ‘not now but stay in touch’? Before Gem, I was using a notebook and a spreadsheet to track my follow-up for hundreds of candidates,” says Maisha Cannon, Sourcing Leader at Procore Technologies. “There was no way to know if any of my colleagues had reached out, what their interaction was like, or any signals about when I should be following up. Now, I have all my candidates in one place, and I know I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes when I engage.”

Our incredible founding team from Dropbox, Facebook, Uber, and LinkedIn is building a product recruiters love, which has led to 10x revenue growth in 10 months. We’re proud to partner with over 100 paying customers across tech, finance, and healthcare, and we’re just getting started.

To unlock our next stage of growth, we’re thrilled to partner with Accel for our $9M Series A financing. Having previously supported massive successes at Facebook, Atlassian, and Spotify, Accel brings a level of expertise and experience our team needs to deliver the next generation of recruiting innovation.

“We invested in Gem because it’s built by a team that experienced the problem first-hand. It’s more difficult than ever for companies to hire the best talent. The Gem team leveraged their experience to build an incredible solution to help recruiters excel at their jobs,” said Dan Levine, partner at Accel. “Gem achieved impressive growth through word-of-mouth and the value its platform delivers to recruiters. I couldn’t be more excited for the innovation they’re going to deliver to talent teams in 2019.”

At Gem, we’re giving recruiters the technology they need to connect people to their next big career move. If this mission sounds like something you want to be a part of, we’d love to talk. Shoot us a note at and let’s get started.


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