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Gem Product Update: Autumn 2020 Edition

Summer is coming to a close, but our feature releases are just heatin’ up

To name a few, here are some of our most recent updates:

Talent Pipeline

  • Slackbot: automatically share a report in Slack every week with your hiring team
  • Drag & drop: move candidates across stages without leaving Talent Pipeline
Talent Pipeline

Pipeline Analytics

  • EEOC data import: if you send your candidates EEOC forms, we’ll import that self-ID information into Pipeline Analytics to overwrite our race/ethnicity data. Please contact your CSM to import self ID information into Gem for the most accurate race/ethnicity reporting in Pipeline Analytics


  • Unsubscribe team-wide: you can now unsubscribe a candidate in the “More” section in the Gem extension
Unsubscribe in Gem

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