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Gem product update: June 2022

Sarah Koo

Sarah Koo

Head of Product

Posted on

July 11, 2022

We’ve been hard at work this past month adding & improving features to make Gem even more valuable for you. We hope you enjoy these updates as much as we do!

Current Pipeline View

[Talent Compass]

Want a quick pulse on your pipeline? Identify where candidates are in the process by job, recruiter, hiring manager, department, or the entire company!

Gem product update June

Google Calendar Events

Sync your Google Calendar Events with Gem and see all event activities related to a particular candidate.

Gem product update June 2

Location-Based Retention Periods

Does your team recruit globally? Since data retention laws vary from country to country, we’re helping you stay compliant by setting different data retention rules based on the location of your candidates.

Gem product update June 3

New Visualizations to Outreach Stats

[Talent Compass]

Report and analyze your outreach stats in a total of eight different ways. Additional visualizations for outreach stats inside Dashboards include bar charts, pie charts, line charts, and more!

Gem product update June 5


Reach even more talent, faster

QR Codes for Your Forms: Gem forms are now shareable with QR codes allowing more prospects to fill them out during in-person events.

ATS Candidates in Search Bar: Your ATS candidates are now searchable on the Gem search bar, making it easier for you to find past silver medalists.

Alphabetical Sorting on Prospects Page: Quickly find what you need by sorting alphabetically Source and Rejection Reason or sorting by Stage in order of Pipeline Stage mapping.

Scorecard Filter [SmartRecruiters]: Gem now shows all scorecards for each candidate with a quick glimpse of the positive and negative reviews.‍

Talent Compass

Insights that help you plan for what’s ahead

Average Time to Submit Scorecard [Greenhouse]: Keep track of interviewer accountability with the new average time to submit scorecard metric on Dashboards.

Median Time to Fill and Time in Stage: Analyze the impact of outliers on time-to-fill and time-in-stage in new ways by switching over from averages to medians.

Gem product update June 7

Gem Platform

Empower your team to do their best work

In-Product Resource Center: Have questions? Need resources? We’ve got you covered! With our new in-product resource center, you’ll stay informed of what’s new and have a quick way to reach out for when you need additional support.As always, we'd love for you to check out our open roles: we're hiring like mad, and we'd love for you to help spread the word.

Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you soon!

~ Team Gem


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