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Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

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June 4, 2023

Saying Goodbye to Candidate Trackers & Spreadsheets Recruiting is often considered a team sport, which means recruiters work closely with their hiring managers when it comes to finding and hiring the best talent. However, with the current shortage of recruiters in the workforce, most of them are drowning in open reqs, leaving little room for strategic collaboration.

“The Talent Pipeline weekly report saves me an hour each week when it comes to sharing status updates with hiring managers.”


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On top of that, most applicant tracking systems (ATS) do not offer a consolidated view of candidates across stages, forcing recruiters to open multiple tabs at once just to get a beat on their pipeline. Others simply resort to creating separate spreadsheets that they use to track and manage manually and then duplicate the changes in the ATS. Gem has been investing in solutions that lift the day-to-day burden that recruiters face when it comes to managing and collaborating on candidate pipelines.

Introducing Gem’s Talent Pipeline

Gem Talent Pipeline

Talent Pipeline organizes active ATS candidates into a Kanban board and groups them by every stage in the process. From there, users can access key details, customize their view, and process candidates, with all actions automatically synced back to the ATS. In other words, Talent Pipeline operates as an interactive and collaborative hiring dashboard.

Hiring Manager Collaboration

Talent Pipeline Kanban Board - Zoom-In

With a consolidated view of all active candidates, Talent Pipeline equips recruiters to come prepared for their weekly hiring manager syncs. Recruiters can offer quick digestible snapshots of their pipelines and then narrow the focus of discussion by filtering for the stages they want to show. Users can also quickly flag who needs immediate attention, thereby holding the hiring team accountable on the spot.

Candidate Management

Taking Action in Talent Pipeline

Talent Pipeline allows recruiters to access and process all their active candidates from one view, avoiding the multiple tabs or manual efforts that come from using the ATS and spreadsheets.

From that same tile, recruiters can reject candidates with templated emails, or drag-and-drop them into the next round with all changes automatically synced to the ATS. Finally, recruiters can also message candidates directly from Talent Pipeline—either through email or text—with all communication history tracked in the Gem Messages inbox.

Automated Reporting

Talent Pipeline Report Sharing

Talent Pipeline also automates report sharing to ease the burden of keeping hiring managers up to date. Instead of manually gathering candidate information from every stage and then sending it out, Talent Pipeline users can set up automated report sharing through Slack, email, or a direct URL. Users can also customize reports by selecting the stages and candidate details they want visible, thereby sharing only the information that is relevant to their audience.

Candidate Details Available in Talent Pipeline

  • Current role & company

  • Attributed source

  • Sourcing activity

  • Internam notes

  • Submitted scorecards

  • Assigned recruiter

  • ATS profile


Talent Pipeline is designed to help recruiters visualize pipelines, collaborate effortlessly, ensure accountability, and manage candidates, all in one view. Sign up for a demo today and see how you can manage candidate pipelines and own the relationship with your hiring manager with Gem’s Talent Pipeline.


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