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Dannielle Romoleroux

Dannielle Romoleroux

Product Marketing

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March 27, 2023

How many hours have you spent searching for qualified candidates to fill your open roles, only to find they were never interested? Chances are; a lot. Recruiters spend countless hours sourcing across multiple sites in search of the right talent only to be dismayed when that prospect never converts into a candidate. Hours end up being wasted on the search for talent with only a few candidates to show for it.

While starting a search from your ATS or CRM can improve this process, many profiles are often out of date, forcing recruiters to duplicate work by double-checking other sources. At the end of the day, the key to success comes when you send the right message to the right candidate, at exactly the right time.

With the new updates in Gem, recruiters can do just that. Gem accelerates and optimizes the talent search and discovery process by surfacing passive talent that is most likely to convert, highlighting profiles that match your needs, and automating candidate engagement based on a recruiter’s search criteria.

Discover talent willing to make the move

To increase the chances of conversion from “hi” to “apply”, it’s essential to know which prospects are most receptive to new opportunities. Gem’s “Likely to Move” filter analyzes signals on candidates’ profiles to identify those that are more likely to switch jobs. Our internal research shows that prospects surfaced on the “Likely to Move” filter were 70% more likely to change jobs within one year.

Likely to Move

Accelerate sourcing efforts, without as much searching

You know that feeling when you’ve found a great candidate profile and you wish there were more candidates like these? We have you covered. Recruiters can now see similar profiles to the ones they are looking for so you can find more qualified candidates faster.

Similar Prospects Image

Automatically add new candidates to the right talent pools

Never miss out on a potential candidate when you set up a saved search based on your ideal criteria. Gem will instantly route newly added profiles into specific talent pools based on the rules you define. Let’s say you need to hire and build a pipeline for Product Managers in New York City (NYC), Gem will automatically add people with the right role (Product Manager) and location (NYC) to your project. The next time someone with that criteria is added to Gem or a Product Manager updates their profile location to New York City, they will automatically be routed to the NYC PMs talent pool.

Re-engage the talent at pivotal moments and career changes, effortlessly

With Gem, you can also automate sequences to go out when the prospect matches your saved search criteria. This way, you can automatically create a candidate pipeline for evergreen roles with an added layer of engagement. For your NYC Product Managers, this would mean any new candidates that are added to this talent pool can immediately be sent a sequence encouraging them to apply! Less work on your end and you’ll never miss an opportunity to engage with the right talent.

Saved Search Automation

‍What’s Next

As we continue to invest in this product, we’d love to hear from you! If you’re new to Gem or interested in our modern recruiting CRM, get in touch with a team member to learn more.

Contact your customer success manager today if you’re a Gem customer and want to learn how to make the most of your CRM.


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