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How to maximize recruiter productivity with tech that works better together


Melissa Suzuno

HR Insights Writer

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June 11, 2024

Are you looking to save on tech costs while empowering your recruiters to achieve more with less? These goals may seem conflicting, but they don't have to be. Often, recruitment teams struggle with multiple, poorly integrated tools, which slow down the entire hiring process. Here's how to streamline your tech stack and maximize recruiter productivity

Here are a few guidelines to help you make technology an enabler rather than a barrier to finding and hiring the best talent. 

Reduce context-switching

Frequent context-switching between tools significantly hampers productivity. Consider these statistics:

  • Employees spend 5 working weeks a year or 9% of their annual work time, toggling between tools.

  • Companies waste $17 million annually on unused tech tools

  • 33% of SaaS applications are underutilized

  • 90% of employers believe they could benefit from integrating automation in their hiring processes.

These numbers illustrate just how intense the problem can be. On TA teams in particular, recruiters often have to duplicate data entry between different systems like the CRM and ATS.

All these switches might seem minor, but given that the average company now has 110 tools in its tech stack, they add up quickly, wasting valuable time and increasing the likelihood of errors. 

Minimize these inefficiencies by choosing technology that consolidates tasks and simplifies workflows, reducing errors and speeding up the recruitment cycle. By centralizing functionalities—from sourcing to onboarding—recruiters can focus more on engaging with candidates rather than managing disparate systems.

Use AI thoughtfully 

76% of HR leaders assert that adopting AI solutions is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. The question is no longer if, but how and what AI solutions to implement for maximum impact with minimal risk. Talent acquisition teams now focus on AI-assisted talent identification and proactive engagement with high-quality candidates rather than manually sourcing prospects and screening applicants. 

Every talent acquisition team is now searching for AI solutions that will help them meet hiring goals more efficiently. This means shifting their recruiters’ time away from manually sourcing prospects across multiple candidate databases, screening a sea of inbound applicants, or chasing down information on past talent, and toward AI-assisted talent identification and proactive engagement with high-quality candidates throughout the funnel. 

However, the growing number of AI tools has over-promised and under-delivered. Many of these tools are point solutions, meaning they don’t have the complete context and cannot make trustworthy recommendations. And because they’re point solutions, you end up just piling more tools on top of your existing tech stack—you’re essentially adding more fuel to the fire. Using different AI solutions for each workflow creates duplicative work to set up and calibrate each tool for the same search.

To avoid adding to the complexity of your tech stack, integrate AI within a unified platform rather than using multiple AI point solutions. This ensures consistent, trustworthy results across the entire recruitment process. Discover how Gem AI’s suite of recruiting solutions can enhance efficiency by leveraging a comprehensive dataset across all channels.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the next generation of Gem AI—a new suite of AI recruiting solutions that will operate on the most complete dataset across all channels to help talent acquisition teams discover, engage, and hire the best talent faster. 

With unified candidate data in your CRM, Gem AI surfaces results with historical context in mind—who’s in your talent community, attended your events, applied to other roles, etc. Use Gem AI to source, rank, and discover candidates with trustworthy results. Learn more about our vision and roadmap for using AI thoughtfully here.

Focus on recruiter collaboration 

Seamless collaboration between recruiters, hiring managers, and external partners is essential for effective recruitment. Disjointed tools create silos, impeding communication and data sharing. A connected tech stack transforms team interactions, ensuring real-time access to the same information and updates.

The right tools, on the other hand, can transform how teams collaborate and share insights across the recruitment process. When systems work well together, so do people. A connected tech stack can transform how teams interact, ensuring everyone has access to the same information and updates in real time. 

For example, Jay Patel, Technical Sourcing Manager at Lyft, explains how his large team can easily coordinate their efforts thanks to Gem:

“With Gem, we upload prospects into our ATS with a single click, and sourcers can immediately see the whole history of that person’s interactions with our team. When you’ve got a staffing team of 200+, there’s bound to be a lot of overlap in who’s viewed a person, who’s reached out, and other actions taken on a candidate. So the team was thrilled with that visibility.”

Learn more about how Gem facilitated recruiter collaboration at Lyft here.

Similarly, Jamie Schmitt, former Talent Attraction Manager for North America at Celestica, describes how switching to Gem didn’t just boost efficiency, but increased collaboration and trust in the recruiting team.

Jamie says, “What used to take us a year to fill is taking us a fraction of that. The team can handle higher req loads since Gem is doing so much of the work for us… This is critical to scaling, but also to maintaining efficiency. And it means we can tell our internal customers, with a great deal of certainty: ‘Based on recent data for similar roles, we’ll likely have this role filled for you in 40 days.’”

That data is pulled from Gem’s Forecasting Calculator, which helps hiring teams better plan for the number of interview hours they’ll have to put in, and the number of candidates they’ll need at each stage of the funnel in order to make a hire. Read more about how Gem is promoting recruiter collaboration at Celestica here.

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