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Take charge of your inbound applications with Gem’s App Review

Dannielle Romoleroux

Dannielle Romoleroux

Product Marketing

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November 14, 2022

In today’s economic climate with increased layoffs and hiring freezes, talent teams are experiencing a rise in inbound applications. This surge demands that recruiters sort through a larger number of resumes to find their next hire. But the process of sorting through resumes, many of whom may be unqualified, is time-consuming and cognitively draining.

Gem's Application Review simplifies and streamlines how recruiters manage their growing inbound applications, empowering them to quickly sift through their applicant stack and find quality candidates, all at record speed and with minimal headaches.

Stay on top of your queue and prioritize where to start

When dealing with a large number of inbound applications, organization is key. Instead of simply reviewing applications as they come in, take a proactive approach and decide where you want to start. If you know that your best hires come from referrals, you’ll probably want to start there. If you notice that a number of applications are past SLAs, ensure your candidates receive the best experience from your recruiting team and give those attention. With App Review, you get to decide where to focus your attention and energy when reviewing applications.

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Cut through the noise to find qualified talent

In order to speed up your reviewing applications process, you’ll want to narrow your focus. Are you re-reviewing the same candidates you rejected for another role? Are some of these candidates already in the process for another job? Use advanced filters and search to prioritize where you begin your review. Filters available right now with App Review include: referrals, recently rejected, in process, previously screened, and seen (more coming!).

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Focus on what matters to find great candidates

Chances are you know exactly what skills and keywords to look for in applicants for your job. But with just the seconds we give ourselves to scan a resume, it's likely that we miss or overlook an otherwise qualified candidate. Ensure that the skills and keywords you need are visually highlighted so you don’t miss out on great applicants. If the resume looks great and you want to get the full breakdown of an applicant, there’s no need to switch to another window. From the same screen, you have the context for candidates from their LinkedIn profile with current and past job details to the latest touchpoints, view past applications and scorecards to see if this was someone your team has connected with in the past.

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Follow up on time and nurture future prospects

More than ever, it’s important that every applicant experiences a good impression of your company. As a recruiter, you’re at the frontlines of your brand and the last thing you want is for your employer brand to take a hit because you were overwhelmed with too many applications. Taking the steps to respond and let every applicant feel seen and respected goes a long way in a candidate's decision to consider your company in the future. For the strong applicants, advance them with a sequence to keep them engaged and inform them of the next steps. For rejected applicants, you have the option to silently reject or send a scheduled, templated message. You can even add rejected, but promising, candidates into a dedicated talent pool for ongoing nurture so you have a warm and engaged pipeline for future job openings.

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‍What’s next

As we continue to invest in this product, we’ll love to hear from you on how you’re using App Review. If you’re interested in seeing App Review in action, join us on December 1 for a webinar.

If you’re new to Gem or interested in App Review access, get in touch with a team member to learn more.

Contact your customer success manager today if you’re a Gem customer and want to learn more about getting started with Talent Pipeline!


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