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Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

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May 27, 2022

In today’s candidate-driven market, employers aren’t just competing with offers, benefits, and perks; they’re also competing on brand & culture. The latter is often tricky to track, but one positive indicator of an organization’s culture is the diversity of its employees. It’s why so many of our customers often ask us, “how do we know if our diversity recruiting efforts make an impactful difference compared to the rest of the industry? How are your other customers doing on this front?”

Fortunately for our customers, Gem’s latest updates to our original peer benchmarks include competitive insights into recruiting pipeline diversity. Within Talent Compass, users can review how their diversity recruiting strategy compares to other recruiting-forward companies within Gem’s customer base. 

What benchmarks are available?

With this new release, our customers can evaluate how the diversity of their recruiting pipelines compares to companies with similar profiles. Specifically, Talent Compass users can measure the gender or race/ethnicity ratios of their pipeline at “Application Created,” “Offer Extended,” and “Hired,” and then customize benchmarks based on company size, location, department, and industry. These insights offer a directional sense of if their diversity recruiting efforts lead to results that compete with organizations in their space.

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How is Gem able to offer this data?

As mentioned in our first iteration, Gem has unique and exclusive access to a rich database of 1,000+ organizations across industries and segments. Gem aggregates and anonymizes robust insights on several key metrics. In fact, every benchmark is based on over 100 data points across 20+ companies. 

What additional benchmarks are on the horizon?

We know how vital these benchmarks are to our customers, and we know that there are several other KPIs that could use such contextualized insights. As we continue to invest in this solution, we’ll look to add benchmarks for Outreach Stats (e.g. open & reply rates)!

If you’re new to Gem or interested in visualizing your recruiting KPIs side-by-side with industry peers, get in touch with a member of our team to learn more. 

If you’re a Gem customer and want to learn more about how to get started or provide input on our next iteration, contact your customer success manager today!

Disclaimer: This report is for the sole benefit of our customers and is provided to inform them of how aspects of their recruiting performance compare to their peers, in a variety of dimensions. Nothing in these dashboards should be construed as legal advice. Companies who are concerned about legal risks associated with their recruiting and hiring practices are advised to consult with their attorneys.


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