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Ani Sapru

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June 4, 2023

Best-in-class recruiting teams use Gem to source top candidates faster and 2-4x their response rates. Gem integrates with your ATS and email and automates your sourcing efforts, from 1-click upload to automated follow-ups. We create efficiency throughout the candidate lifecycle—from initiating and nurturing candidate relationships to increasing pipeline visibility, allowing teams to optimize their outreach, better collaborate, and enhance their overall talent brand.

Increase Efficiency

Source 5x faster

Source directly from LinkedIn, 1-click upload to ATS, or import a CSV of contacts from any source to start building and nurturing candidate relationships. Our customers 4x their reachouts, 2x their conversions to phone screen, and 2x their response rates.

Email Finding

Gem instantly finds personal email addresses and other contact info you can trust.

Outreach Sequences

Craft highly personalized outreach at scale using dynamic tokens automatically pulled from prospect profiles. Use send-on-behalf-of (SOBO) to leverage your hiring manager or VP’s voice and dramatically increase your chances of receiving a reply.

Automated Follow-ups

Say goodbye to time-intensive, context-less manual reminders and use Gem’s smart, automated follow-ups to 2x your conversion rate to initial phone screen.

Deep ATS Integration

Spend less time navigating browser tabs and more time engaging with candidates. Reach out to your prospects and upload them to your ATS with 1 click. Push and pull information to and from LinkedIn, Gem, and your ATS without switching screens constantly.

Build Pipelines

LinkedIn Sourcing Sequence Editor

Gem auto-captures information from prospects’ professional and social profiles, lets you one-click upload that data into your ATS, add them to a project, send them a message (whether email, InMail, or SMS), or schedule a sequence of messages to go out to them—all without ever leaving their profile.


Automatically sync RSVPs and attendees from your events into Gem so you can follow up with them appropriately and place them into the right hiring funnels.

Talent Community

Open the door up to passive talent and strengthen your talent brand by integrating Gem’s Talent Community into the top of your funnel. Invite prospects to stay in touch with compelling content and a variety of touchpoints that keep your company top-of-mind until they’re ready for their next move.

Prospect Search

Use Boolean filters and advanced search parameters to quickly narrow down your entire database of prospects into a list of people you want to engage in a targeted way. Generate invite lists for your next event, follow up with those who were previously engaged, and pinpoint silver medalists to architect a robust nurture program that keeps your pipelines full and pays dividends for years.

“Our response rate drastically increased once our Sourcers started using Gem. The automated follow-up feature doubled our conversion rate from initial reach out to phone screen.”

Mike Moriarty | Dropbox

Mike Moriarty

Global Head of Engineering Staffing

Dropbox | Customer Logo

“Once you have the ability to sequence the folks you’re reaching out to—to have a second, third, fourth email auto-send— you’re increasing productivity per resource considerably. Now one sourcer is doing 4x the reachouts with Gem.”

Jay Patel | Lyft

Jay Patel

Talent Acquisition Manager

DoorDash | Customer Logo

Manage Candidates

Talent Pipeline Candidate Management

Rules of Engagement

Make your team look good by preventing “double-dipping” and keeping a consistent point of contact for the prospect. Gem’s Rules of Engagement framework allows you to define when it’s ok to reach out and how much time a recruiter has to keep the relationship alive.

Talent Pipeline

Gem’s deep integration with Greenhouse gives you the ultimate visibility into each hiring funnel, whether by job, by recruiter, or any other dimension. View a color-coded Kanban board of all candidates mapped to each stage of the hiring process, what the next steps are for each person, and which candidates are about to fall through the cracks.

“We’ve tried everything and Gem is the first product to delight our hiring managers. Now, everyone’s involved in the hiring process—our entire company is an extension of the recruiting team!”

Thomas Carriero

SVP, Twilio Engage GM

Segment | Customer Logo

Measure What Matters

Team Stats Team Activity by Team Member

Outreach Analytics

Track performance and measure messaging effectiveness by recruiter, pipeline, gender, and more to optimize your team’s output and focus their efforts intelligently.

Content Stats

Content is king if you use it effectively. Bolster your talent brand and convey the right employee value props by sharing compelling content in your outreach. See how prospects are engaging with your content through advanced link-tracking to double down on what’s working well.

Collaborate With Stakeholders

Overall Chart by Race/Ethnicity

Resume Review

Calibrate with hiring managers on the ideal profile through Gem’s resume review flow. Leave comments and tag each other on profiles to quickly get on the same page.

Share Data

Keep your stakeholders abreast of the hard work you’re putting into their searches. Share reports containing top-of-funnel metrics, prove the value of using send-on-behalf-of, and illustrate what your pipelines look like by gender, race/ethnicity, and more.

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