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Gem Product Update: July 2021

Sarah Koo

Sarah Koo

Head of Product

Posted on

July 28, 2021

Happy July! Here are some of the awesome features that have launched recently:

Team-Wide Sequence Defaults

Many teams have asked for the ability to add standard text at the bottom of every email sequence sent, and the ability to require unsubscribe links in all sequences, instead of leaving it up to each user to select that option.

Team admins can now go to their Team Settings page, and set these options for their teams.

Gem Product Update- July 2021 (1)
Gem Product Update- July 2021 (2)

Talent Pipeline Updates

  • Reject candidates:


    Now from each candidate card, you can reject candidates in your ATS straight from here -- no more switching to a different tab to complete your workflows.

Gem Product Update- July 2021 (3)
  • View job analytics:


    If you've ever wondered how many days a job has been open or how many candidates have ever passed through your pipeline, take a look at Talent Pipeline's job analytics:

Gem Product Update- July 2021 (4)

Coming soon: view rejected candidates in each stage

DEI: Pull Pronouns from LinkedIn PDF Resumes

LinkedIn now supports adding your pronouns to your profile, so we've now included a field on Gem profiles to support pronouns. Whenever pronouns are included in the PDF version of LinkedIn resumes, we'll automatically set a person's pronouns in their Gem profiles too.

Launching Soon

Automatically Mark Interested Replies

We love eliminating manual work for you, so over the next couple of days, you'll notice that Gem will automatically mark replies as "Interested" if we've determined that a candidate has responded positively. You can always override Gem's reply status, but we're excited for this to shortcut your workflow and make your Outreach Stats more accurate.

Relatedly, for those of you using our Calendly integration, we also now automatically mark prospects as "Interested" if they book time on your calendars, even if they never respond to your email.

SMS in Sequences

We're onboarding several beta customers onto Gem's SMS functionality over the next few days. Stay tuned for more!

Send One-Off Emails from the Gem Extension

Sequences are great but sometimes you just need to send a single, ad hoc email when you need to ping a candidate about something. You'll soon be able to send one-off emails from the Gem extension wherever you are (Gem, Greenhouse, LinkedIn, etc) -- and be sure to create some canned responses that you can then insert into these one-off messages.

Other Things We're Having Fun Building

  • Pipeline Analytics for Lever customers (launching in beta now!)

  • Dashboards (launching in GA soon)

  • Branded email campaigns

  • Searching for silver medallists in your ATS from Prospects

ICYMI: Gem made the Breakout List!

As we turn 4 this year, we're honored to be in such great company.

Peep our open roles, send your friends our way (lunch or Gem swag, anyone?), and reply if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading, and happy midsummer!


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