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Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

Product Marketing

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June 4, 2023

It can take between 12 and 20 touchpoints to influence a career decision. Rather than engaging in one-and-done reachouts, best-in-class recruiting teams take this data point seriously. Recruitment marketing is a strategy for attracting and engaging the best talent through the same tactics marketers use to sell the value of their products: tailored content, personalized nurture campaigns, and long-term multi-channel engagement.

Recruitment marketing reduces time-to-hire, builds more diverse and more qualified pipelines, elevates candidate experience, and boosts employee engagement and retention. At Gem, we’re here to help you nurture and “market” to top talent, from first outreach through to offer-accept.

“The difference between a great sourcer and a sub-par sourcer is in how much discipline someone has in following up, in not wasting productivity cycles. Response rates on that initial outreach might be 15%, but they might be 50% on the follow-up. So the one thing I was looking for in a tool was automated follow-ups. We ran a free trial of Gem and I just saw productivity increase. So at that point, it was a no-brainer.”

Angela Miller

Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition and Ops

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Send multi-channel outreach outreach and nurture sequences with automated follow-ups

LinkedIn Sourcing Sequence Editor

Gem auto-captures information from prospects’ professional and social profiles, lets you one-click upload that data into your ATS, add them to a project, send them a message (whether email, InMail, or SMS), or schedule a sequence of messages to go out to them—all without ever leaving their profile.

Send SMS

Craft highly-personalized outreach at scale using dynamic tokens automatically pulled from prospect profiles. Gem auto-parses prospect information from the sites you source from (LinkedIn, GitHub, SeekOut, etc.), tells you if anyone on your team has taken any action on that prospect, and lets you put them into a campaign within a matter of clicks.

Use Gem’s Nurture feature to keep top talent engaged with regular touchpoints, over time. Use send-on-behalf-of (SOBO) to leverage your hiring manager or VP’s voice and increase your chances of receiving a reply. Follow-ups are automated: say goodbye to time-intensive, context-less manual reminders and 2x your conversion rate to initial phone screen.

Build (and nurture) a talent community

Gem's Nurture

Gem’s Nurture feature allows recruiters to craft a message or a nurture sequence and schedule it to go out well past the initial outreach sequence, whether at a specific date and time (“July 17th at 7:35 AM”), or at a relative later time period (“in 6 months”).

A talent community is a network of people who’ve expressed interest in working for your org, though current circumstances prevent them from entering the hiring process. With Gem’s help, prospective candidates fill out a customized form directly on your careers page, and you can use the information you collect to nurture and engage with them through targeted campaigns over time.

Of course, former silver medalists and passive talent can also go into your talent community. Gem’s branded email campaigns allow you to personalize high-touch communications at scale while keeping a consistent brand, and get sophisticated analytics to understand what’s working and what isn’t.

“Nurturing is great behavior that I feel is overlooked in our industry. Gem has been a huge part of cultivating that for me. A lot of people send out three messages in their little drip campaign, and that’s it. But I believe wholeheartedly that this is a relationship whether they’re responding to you or not; you’ve got to keep cultivating it.”

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Technical Sourcing Lead

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Host exceptional recruitment events

Reachout Sequence

With Gem’s events module, RSVPs and attendees to your meetups, webinars, career fairs, competitions, and more are automatically added to a Gem project for easy nurture down the road. And our full-funnel analytics show you which events lead to which applicants lead to which hires, so you can calculate the ROI of your events based on actual headcount increases.

“With Gem’s events module, we can track success: Who opened the event invite? And ultimately, how many people did we convert into our pipeline from the event? The amazing thing about the full-funnel view is that now we’ll have an answer to the question: Did we hire any candidates directly from this event?”

Lucy Tran

Senior Recruiting Program Manager

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Offer a best-in-class candidate experience (CX)

Hiring Funnel

Passthrough rates let you analyze the overall health of your hiring funnel and observe where you’re experiencing bottlenecks in the form of candidate drop-offs.

Passthrough rates let you analyze the overall health of your hiring funnel and observe where you’re experiencing bottlenecks in the form of candidate drop-offs.

Recruitment marketing doesn’t end the moment someone applies to your open role. And we don’t have to tell you how CX impacts your ability to market yourself as an employer of choice. This means taking your entire hiring funnel into account, from first contact through to offer-accept.

With Gem, you can analyze conversion rates to identify the weakest points of your pipeline and understand how to fix them. Slice by hiring manager, recruiter, job, gender, and more to spot biases and effect process change for a more equitable candidate experience. Where is talent dropping out of process? How can you optimize that stage for a better overall candidate experience?

“Gem’s metrics help us zero in on stages in the interview process where we’re falling short on equitable gender hiring. For one division, we intuited that we were hiring more women than the average team—and we were! We were prepared to roll off our passive sourcing efforts for that division; however, we found that quarter over quarter we were increasing our male conversions at a higher rate between two key interview stages. If we hadn’t had access to that data, we wouldn’t have been able to properly strategize on how to allocate our resources properly to fix the trend for that division.”

Joel Torres | Twilio

Joel Torres

Talent Acquisition Manager—Americas

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