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Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

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June 4, 2023

Gem is a solution built with recruiters’ most important KPIs in mind, so talent acquisition teams can drive real business value for their orgs.

Our platform offers best-in-class sourcing automation, allowing teams to create bigger talent pools in less time, instead of relying on inbound channels that require they wait for active candidates.

Once candidates are in process, we give you insights into each stage of your hiring funnel, so you can uncover blockages and biases, pivot, and optimize. Ultimately, Gem gives your team control over its hiring goals, so you can not only hire better-quality candidates faster, but also show your executive team how you strategically impact cost savings.

“With Gem’s SOBO feature we’re seeing open rates of up to 91%, reply rates of over 50%, and conversion rates of 30%—21% higher than the industry average. That’s wild.”

Brie Bastidas

Technical Recruiting Manager

Mapbox | Customer Logo

Shortening Time-to-Fill

Increase Sourcing Efficiency

Source 5x Faster: Source directly from LinkedIn, GitHub, Facebook, and elsewhere; 1-click upload to ATS; or import a CSV of contacts from any source to start building and nurturing candidate relationships. Gem gives you immediate visibility into the history of someone’s interactions with your team, so you have context for your outreach. Our customers 4x their reachouts, 2x their conversions to phone screen, and 2-3x their response rates.

Email Finding: Gem instantly finds personal email addresses and other contact info you can trust.

Outreach Sequences: Craft highly-personalized outreach at scale using dynamic tokens automatically pulled from prospect profiles. Use send-on-behalf-of (SOBO) to leverage your hiring manager or VP’s voice and dramatically increase your chances of receiving a reply.

Automated Follow-ups: Say goodbye to time-intensive, context-less manual reminders and use Gem’s smart, automated follow-ups to 2x your conversion rate to initial phone screen.

“Our response rate drastically increased once our Sourcers started using Gem. The automated follow-up feature doubled our conversion rate from initial reach out to phone screen.”

Mike Moriarty | Dropbox

Mike Moriarty

Global Head of Engineering Staffing

Dropbox | Customer Logo

“I was doing very little follow-up on LinkedIn because it requires so much organization and manual input. But with Gem, I send an initial reachout and schedule follow-ups to go out two, five, and 30 business days later. I had a recent sequence for a data engineer that saw a 36% response rate. 15% of those responses came from the second and third emails. Those are emails I simply wouldn’t have sent if I was still doing my outreach on LinkedIn. Month-over-month I see increases in response rates—which is especially impressive when you’re recruiting engineers.”

Stephanie Maddock

Senior Recruiter

Mindstrong | Customer Logo

Measure What Matters to Optimize Reply Rates

Content Stats: Content is king if you use it effectively. Bolster your talent brand and convey the right employee value props by sharing compelling content in your outreach. See how prospects are engaging with your content through advanced link-tracking to doubledown on what’s working well.

Outreach Analytics: Track performance and measure messaging effectiveness by recruiter, pipeline, gender, and more to optimize your team’s output and focus their efforts intelligently.

“Our sourcers are dropping into Gem and looking at their teammates’ messaging. What messages or sequences are seeing high open and response rates? How do I derive best practices for my own outreach from that data? There’s a lot of data available in Gem; and whether you’re figuring out how to be the best sourcer on the team, or you’re just trying to best yourself every quarter, that information is there.”

Jay Patel

Technical Sourcing Manager

Lyft | Customer Logo

Build Pipelines, Re-Engage and Nurture Talent Pools

Prospect Search: Use Boolean filters and advanced search parameters to quickly narrow down your entire database of prospects to a list of people you want to engage in a targeted way. Generate invite lists for your next event, followup with those who were previously engaged, and pinpoint silver medalists to instantly bulid pipeline when opening a new role.

Nurture: Keep your talent pool aware of, and interested in, your talent brand by sending out regular, automated updates about company news and culture—a practice that means you’ll bring in the right talent that aligns with your goals and values, cutting down on interviewer time and driving down time-to-hire.

“A lot of what I’m using Gem for right now is planning. Gem allows you to build pipelines, craft campaigns, and even start nurturing relationships before hiring ramps up. So the moment we hear we need to hire this role for this location, everything is set to go.”

Sandra Osorio

Clinical Recruiter

Mindstrong | Customer Logo

“After searching on-and-off for the better part of a year for a devops person, I downloaded 1600 prospects from our ATS—most without emails—into Gem, set up a 4-stage sequence, and sent them off. The response was enormous: at one point I had 3 qualified candidates interviewing in the same week. That has never happened in my career of interviewing devops talent, who are notoriously difficult to get into process.”

Mel Condos

Director of Talent Acquisition

Apixio | Customer Logo

Track Time-to-Fill

Get a clear-cut view into time-in-stage and time-to-hire for any segment of candidates with Gem’s Pipeline Analytics. Drill down by department, geo, role, and even recruiter/sourcer/hiring manager to identify opportunities to improve time-to-fill across your funnel.

“With Gem’s Pipeline Analytics, you can observe variance. If the numbers are higher in some places and for some roles, what did we do right there? If they’re lower, what aren’t we doing? Metrics equal opportunities to pivot and optimize. They also ultimately make the team more conscious in their approach. Data ingrains a kind of mindfulness.”

Amber Hayes | Unity

Amber Hayes

VP of Global Recruiting

“With Gem, we made our first hire within two months of signing the contract—and it was around 40% faster than the rest of our hires.”

Shannon Zwicker | Cockroach Labs

Shannon Zwicker

Manager, People Systems & Analytics

Cockroach Labs | Customer Logo

Lowering Cost-per-Hire

Track Cost-per-Hire

Aside from increasing sourcing efficiency, optimizing outreach, and nurturing talent pools over the long-term, there are a number of levers for reducing cost-per-hire. Here are a few:

  • Increasing pipeline efficiency

  • Reducing agency spend

  • Identifying highest-ROI sources, team strengths, and pipeline balance to determine where to delegate resources

Gem’s Pipeline Analytics gives you everything you need to model out cost-per-hire. By looking at conversion rates throughout the funnel, you can understand how many reachouts, recruiter phone screens, and onsites you need to make an offer in order model out the cost of every step in your interview process. Once you’ve got a good handle on your cost-per-hire, Gem makes it easy to measure your funnel month-over-month and quarter-over-quarter so you can report on improvements to cost-per-hire.

Increase Pipeline Efficiency

Use insights from Gem’s passthrough rates to pinpoint exactly where candidates are getting stuck in process, so you can optimize that stage.

“At one point, passthrough rates in Gem showed us that a high percentage of candidates were dropping out at the clinical assessment stage in the process. So we decided that instead of making all candidates go through a simulation interview, we’d give them the option of completing a home assessment test. Gem helped us uncover a pattern and work toward clearing that hiccup in the funnel, which will mean increasing the number of qualified candidates who pass through to the next stage.”

Sandra Osorio | Mindstrong

Sandra Osorio

Clinical Recruiter

Mindstrong | Customer Logo

“Understanding what our baseline metrics were and then being able to identify opportunities to optimize drove a 10-day drop in Unity’s time to fill. Last year our average time-to-fill was 75 days. We set a goal for 70 days in 2020; and we’ve been at 65 or lower all year.”

Emily Russell | Unity

Emily Russel

Senior Global Data Analyst for Recruiting

Reduce Agency Spend

Implementing Gem and bringing your sourcing in-house leads to a reduction in cost-per-hire, since you’re no longer outsourcing top-of-funnel work to RPOs and agencies.

“We eliminated agencies with the onboarding of our sourcing team using Gem, which saved us about $300k in the first half of last year.”

Angela Miller

Director, Global Talent Acquisition

PureStorage | Customer Logo

“I easily saved over $125,000 in my first year on agency fees for the roles I filled with Gem sequences. Gem has paid for itself well over 9x—a more-than 1000% ROI, just in the roles that I recruit for as a working manager.”

Blake Thiess | Prestige Care

Blake Thiess

Director of Talent Acquisition

 Prestige Care | Customer Logo

Identify Highest-ROI Sources, Team Strengths, and Pipeline Balances for Resource-Delegation

Group your funnel by source to get a good sense for cost-per-hire across your different channels. Drill down by department, geo, job, and even recruiter/sourcer/hiring manager to identify opportunities to improve cost-per-hire across your hiring funnel.

“Suddenly, we could see who on the team was having the most success with their outreach, what the team averages were, and how many reachouts we needed to get to an offer. With this insight it’s clear where the best ROI is for each team member, and we can assign roles based on their strengths. Gem Analytics is basically a P&L for our recruiting team.”

Mike Moriarty | Dropbox

Mike Moriarty

Global Head of Talent Acquisition

Dropbox | Customer Logo

“If you were to look at our numbers in Gem, you’d see that sourcing as a source channel provides 3x more hires than a recruiter does. So with Gem, we’re able to identify what the right mix of sourcing and recruiting is within the larger organization, and determine which pipelines would benefit from what ratios.”

Jay Patel | Lyft

Jay Patel

Technical Sourcing Manager

Lyft | Customer Logo

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