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Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

Product Marketing

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June 4, 2023

Run talent acquisition like a data-driven business

Drive successful recruiting outcomes and operate efficiently with pipeline forecasting, capacity planning, and cost-saving insights.

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  • Tap into every dimension of the recruiting funnel, from outreach to hire and identify key trends across the process

  • Optimize sourcing investments based on the channels driving the most ROI

  • Paint the picture to leadership with full-funnel analytics and easy-to-use dashboards

“We’re striving to increase the representation of certain employee populations across teams, roles, and levels. Gem is not only informing those targets; it’s also helping us track how we’re trending in our diversity efforts.”

Josh Salazar | Gusto

Josh Salazar

People Operations

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Why Talent Compass?

Gem makes sense of your data so your team can act with unimpeachable insights and elevate Talent Acquisition to be a strategic partner to the business.

  • Enhance strategy with benchmarking. Report to business leaders and set realistic goals to deliver a best-in-class candidate experience and manage team performance.

  • Democratize and standardize data. Take the guesswork out of tracking and measuring the right metrics, and empower the team with their own reporting.

  • Deliver on your hiring targets, consistently. Design a stronger capacity model with historical data and real-time ATS sync to balance workload and track progress.

“What we can show is: ‘This is how hard our team is working.’ That data is incredibly impactful when it comes to asking for additional headcount or resources. When the company has metrics that show we’re outgrowing our business, we’re all the more likely to get immediate support.”

Jaime Schmitt | Celestica

Jaime Schmitt

Talent Attraction Manager for North America

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Key Capabilities

  • Gather insight into how an organization recruits talent with out-of-the-box dashboards

  • Make critical budget decisions toward agency or job board spend by uncovering the sources that convert

  • Track how these candidates pass through the funnel and spot any troubling drop-offs or bottlenecks

  • Capture historical trends and set custom targets for advanced forecasting and planning


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