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Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

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June 4, 2023

Sourcing passive talent not only leads to a healthy pipeline, it also reduces time-to-hire. Sourced candidates are 4–5x more likely to be hired than inbound candidates are. Yet recruiters often struggle to surface this talent and engage with them.

2xFaster pipelines
2xConversions to phone screen

Gem ties all your critical tools together — your ATS, your email, the places you seek out candidates — and automates your workflows, from 1-click upload to follow-ups.

Fill Your Pipeline with Quality Candidates from Any Database—Fast

Fill Your Pipeline with Quality Candidates from Any Database—Fast

Whether you’re sourcing for corporate or non-corporate reqs, salaried or hourly ones, tech or non-tech, Gem lets you source for any role from any site: LinkedIn, Github, SeekOut, Facebook, Twitter, Indeed… wherever you’re looking for talent.

Gem’s Chrome extension auto-captures prospective candidates’ information directly—first and last name, title, work history, and more—saving sourcers and recruiters hours of manual labor. Now it’s easier than ever to build pipelines of candidates.

Sequences & templates: Dynamic email templates use tokens automatically pulled from prospects’ profiles for personalization at scale.

Automated follow-ups: Say goodbye to time-intensive manual followups and spend more time building candidate relationships.

Email addresses and phone numbers: Gem serves up contact information you can trust.

Talent pools: Build lists of candidates to reach out to for open and future roles, set-and-forget follow-ups and long-term nurture campaigns.

Rules of engagement: Improve candidate experience and prevent duplicate outreach with access to ownership for every prospect profile— along with an entire history of who on your team has engaged with that prospect in some way.

Send-on-behalf-of: Exponentially increase response rates by sending outreach “from” hiring managers or executives with email aliases.

Events: Send invites, track attendance, follow up, and measure who converts into process.

“When I came to Pure Storage and was shown Gem, I immediately thought, Oh, this is a godsend. I no longer had to send follow-ups manually or keep track of whom to follow up with on my own trackers.”

Brian Wilhelm | Pure Storage

Brian Wilhelm

Senior Technical Sourcer

PureStorage | Customer Logo

Source from Warm Leads

Prospects: Silver Medalists

The recruiters across your organization have interviewed a host of candidates over the years, and not everyone has been offered a role. Your team has an entire pool of “silver medalists” it’s cultivated relationships with— talent who knows your organization, has bought into your product and culture, and who may be interested in a new role. So say goodbye to sourcing from scratch, and cut your time-to-hire by sourcing those warm candidates from your ATS and CRM.

Gem’s Candidate Rediscovery surfaces talent profiles from within your silver medalist pool. Filter by criteria such as stage reached, rejection reason, source, DEI attributes, or interview feedback; easily add prospects to a re-engagement sequence; or share candidates between teams.

“I easily saved over $125,000 in my first year on agency fees for the roles I filled with Gem sequences. Gem has paid for itself well over 9x—a more-than 1000% ROI, just in the roles that I recruit for as a working manager.”

Blake Thiess | Prestige Care

Blake Thiess

Director of Talent Acquisition

 Prestige Care | Customer Logo

Track What Matters


You can’t improve upon what you don’t measure. Gem’s Outreach and Content Stats automatically track the success of all outreach, and let sourcers and recruiters A/B test elements of their messaging such as subject lines. Which content sees the highest interested rates, and ultimately converts the most candidates into process?

Open, click, & reply tracking: Know who opened your email, and when. Track click activity, link engagement, and all responses in one place across your team. Sourcers and recruiters can discover best practices and optimize their outreach with this data.

Visibility into recruiter activity: Analyze activity by team member and track KPIs: numbers of LinkedIn views, prospects added to Gem, first messages and follow-ups sent, replies received, and candidates converted to process

Track diversity automatically: Diversity efforts must begin at the very top of the funnel. Dig into the demographics of the recipients of your outreach, filtering by gender and race/ ethnicity. Are your team’s reachouts equitable? Are there elements of your messaging that are inadvertently alienating certain groups?

“Gem seems to have been built intentionally for sourcers and recruiters to not only become more efficient and optimize their top-of-funnel workflow, but also to leverage data and make smarter decisions.”

Joe Gillespie | Robinhood

Joe Gillespie

Recruiting Leader

Robinhood | Customer Logo

Keep Track of All Candidate Conversations in One Place

Outreach Stats: Activity

Whether you’re sending InMails, messages on Indeed, or text messages, Gem serves as the central hub for all prospect and candidate communications. When you message and add candidates to Gem from wherever you source, all interactions sync back into the candidate’s activity feed. Every member of your recruiting team has visibility into that feed. Say goodbye to siloed conversations, and hello to visibility and collaboration.

“We’ve tried everything and Gem is the first product to delight our hiring managers. Now, everyone’s involved in the hiring process—our entire company is an extension of the recruiting team!”

Thomas Carriero

SVP, Twilio Engage GM

Segment | Customer Logo

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