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Dropbox finds unprecedented sourcing efficiency with Gem

Dropbox, since its founding in 2007, is one of the leading platforms for content collaboration. Dropbox’s talent team faced the challenge of filling hundreds of open roles for some of the hardest-to-find talent. With 27 sourcers, the process was inefficient and would create more obstacles down the line. Dropbox needed a way to help the talent team quantify their time, increase outreach efficiency, and access the insight necessary to iterate and improve.

“Our response rate drastically increased once our Sourcers started using Gem. The automated follow-up feature doubled our conversion rate from initial reach out to phone screen.”

Mike Moriarty | Dropbox

Mike Moriarty

Global Head of Engineering Staffing

Dropbox | Customer Logo
Dropbox | Customer Logo


San Francisco, CA


2,500+ employees

What they do:

File Hosting/Cloud Storage

Pain points / Challenges:

  • Difficulty measuring impact of recruiting team

  • Seeking increased efficiency to scale hiring

  • Lack of visibility into key hiring metrics

Results with Gem:

  • Doubled conversion rate from initial outreach to phone screen

  • Time saved is equivalent to five full-time Sourcers

  • Team efficiency and performance evaluated in real time

Mike Moriarty, Global Head of Engineering Staffing at Dropbox, was tasked with leading the bulk of Dropbox’s technical recruiting efforts. However, Moriarty and his team faced those evolving sourcing efficiency challenges. Moriarty began evaluating recruiting platforms in the marketplace.

Tapping into Gem Analytics

After considering various vendors, the choice was clear for Moriarty. Gem grants talent teams unprecedented insight into their recruitment funnels. Dropbox partnered with Gem so Moriarty’s team could get more granular insights into his sourcing team’s activity and other benefits.

“Suddenly, we could see who on the team was having the most success with their outreach, what the team averages were, and how many reach outs we needed to get to an offer,” says Moriarty. “With this insight it’s clear where the best ROI is for each team member, and we can assign roles based on their strengths. Gem Analytics is basically a P&L for our recruiting team.”

Response rates broken down by team member and specific role provide Dropbox an easy, at-a-glance look at the sourcing team’s output and performance.

Rather than spending valuable time pulling data and manually calculating metrics, Moriarty was also able to see his team’s performance quantified and updated automatically within Gem.

“Previously, we would look back on our metrics at the end of the quarter and see where we were excelling and where we fell short,” he says. “Now, we’re strategically adjusting our book of business in real-time.”

Furthermore, increased visibility into outreach and down funnel metrics allows the Dropbox team to segment by skillsets and locations, making projections based on previous recruitment performance within those subsets.

“This data allows us to more accurately forecast and set timing expectations,” explains Moriarty. “We’ve even worked Gem into hiring manager onboarding so they know where to look to get updates on their open roles.”

“With insights from Gem we are able to see where the best ROI is for each team member, and assign them roles based on their strengths. Gem Analytics is basically a P&L for our recruiting team.”

Increased Efficiency with Gem

Gem was also a big win for the individual recruiters because it automates most of the manual work that goes into sourcing. Across the Dropbox recruiting team, Gem saves 200 hours per week, equivalent to hiring five additional full time sourcers. And with the help of Gem’s automated follow ups and the ability to more easily personalize outreach, the team was able to double its conversion to initial phone screen.

“Seventy percent of our onsite interviews come from sourced candidates,” says Moriarty, “Therefore, increasing our sourcers’ efficiency is the surest way to continue to meet growing hiring requests.”

Future Horizons with Gem

Dropbox realizes the rapidly changing needs of talent sourcers and is looking forward to continuing their partnership with Gem today and tomorrow. “We looked at a bunch of options, but we went with Gem because it was built for the end user,” says Moriarty. “Gem makes my team more efficient, streamlined, and it rolls up their data to me and various stakeholders in the organization. As hiring manager needs increase, we will be ahead of the issues that prevent teams from scaling and understanding the hiring process.”

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