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Dropbox Finds Unprecedented Sourcing Efficiency With Gem

Dropbox, since its founding in 2007, is one of the leading platforms for content collaboration. Dropbox’s talent team faced the challenge of filling hundreds of open roles for some of the hardest-to-find talent. With 27 sourcers, the process was inefficient and would create more obstacles down the line. Dropbox needed a way to help the talent team quantify their time, increase outreach efficiency, and access the insight necessary to iterate and improve.

Mike Moriarty, Global Head of Engineering Staffing at Dropbox, was tasked with leading the bulk of Dropbox’s technical recruiting efforts. However, Moriarty and his team faced those evolving sourcing efficiency challenges. Moriarty began evaluating recruiting platforms in the marketplace.


San Francisco, CA

What they do

File Hosting/Cloud Storage


2,500+ employees

Gem product

CRM, Compass
“Our response rate drastically increased once our Sourcers started using Gem. The automated follow-up feature doubled our conversion rate from initial reach out to phone screen.”
Mike Moriarty
Mike Moriarty
Global Head of Engineering Staffing
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