Pipeline Management

Simplify candidate management and improve recruiter productivity by 5x

Gem helps recruiters review inbound applications faster, visualize candidate pipelines, and strategically collaborate with hiring managers on delivering a great candidate experience.

Why customers love Gem for pipeline management

Own the hiring manager relationship

Come prepared to hold your teams accountable based on candidate SLAs and pipeline health.

Ditch the spreadsheets

Simplify candidate management & reporting with an interactive board that syncs in real-time with your ATS

Use AI to automate busy work

Let Gem suggest the skills & experience to look for in applicants, based on the job description.

Cut through the noise instantly

Use advanced search filters and bulk actions to quickly filter out unqualified applications

Take charge of your surging inbound applications

Use advanced filters, Boolean search, and resume keyword highlights to quickly identify the applicants and skills you’re looking for in your inbound queue.

Application Review - Filters - Life Sciences

Focus on what matters to find great talent

Gather context from social networks, past relationship history, and your ATS and visualize keywords for easy scannability and decision-making.

Application Review - Keywords - Life Sciences

Come prepared to your hiring manager sync

Use Gem’s interactive dashboard to grab a quick, visual snapshot of your ATS candidate pipeline, identify the ones that need immediate attention, and hold your teams accountable.

Talent pipeline - Generic

Collaborate and take action in real time

Move candidates to the next stage or reject with templated emails, all automatically synced to your ATS.

Manufacturing Production Operator Candidate Pipeline

Ensure timely follow-up

Define SLAs to set expectations for all parties and quickly flag which candidates need attention.

Talent Pipeline SLA status
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