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Global manufacturer makes 49 critical hires in 90 days with Gem

88.9%open rate for 16,000+ messages sent
69%increase in interested reply rate year over year
49Gem-attributed hires in Q1 2023

“The biggest use case for Gem is its reporting metrics and funnel visibility. Gem's Talent Compass gives me confidence in my pipeline and a sense of where to put my resources.”

Staff Recruiter

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San Francisco, CA (HQ)


3,500+ employees

Pain points / Challenges

  • Workflows differed across talent teams, lacking standardization for both outbound (e.g. sourcing) and inbound processes. 

  • Needed visibility into the pipeline to identify bottlenecks, troubleshoot, and optimize.

  • Lacked solution for reporting and single set of data as the source of truth.

Results with Gem

  • Among Gem’s customers, Gem-attributed candidates are nearly 3x more likely to convert from application to hire than other candidates are. This manufacturer saw 49 Gem-attributed hires in Q1 2023, meaning these 49 candidates were added to Gem, messaged using the platform, expressed interest in interviewing, and ultimately were hired.

  • The team strengthened its sourcing muscle while maintaining high candidate engagement: 16,000+ messages sent with 88.9% open and 36.7% reply rates.

  • Data visibility through Gem’s Talent Compass empowered the team to understand the health of its recruiting pipelines and allocate resources efficiently. Pipeline analytics and dashboards have helped the TA org move toward a data-driven decision model.

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