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How One Medical’s TA team eliminated 3 tools and consolidated with Gem, enhancing workflow efficiency and analytics while saving $15,000

In some companies and industries, thinking long-term when it comes to nurturing candidates means looking two or three years into the future. But the horizon is much further out for One Medical, a membership-based primary care practice with locations throughout the US. Head of Clinical Talent Acquisition Sammy Reardon explains that there’s currently a shortage of primary care physicians and this number continues to decline. This means Talent Acquisition at One Medical involves looking into the next decade, trying to retain the providers they already have, and attracting people who potentially haven’t decided they want to go into medicine yet. It’s a big job, but the One Medical clinical talent acquisition team is up for the challenge.

One Medical approaches talent acquisition by building long-term relationships with candidates and considering how existing talent who join the company in other roles—like in operations or phlebotomist—might be nurtured and encouraged to develop the necessary skills and qualifications to move into clinical roles in the future. To build these relationships and cultivate the right type of talent, One Medical’s clinical talent acquisition team needs the right tools to support them.

“Our success is directly tied to the business’s success. There’s no One Medical without dedicated primary care clinicians and care teams to see our patients.”

Sammy Reardon | One Medical

Sammy Reardon

Senior Director of Recruiting

One Medical

One Medical


Throughout the US



What they do:

A membership-based primary care practice




One Medical

Pain Points:

  • Talent shortage: A critical shortage of primary care physicians, requiring a long-term recruitment strategy extending up to a decade.

  • Fragmented data sources: Difficulty accessing and trusting recruitment data due to multiple disconnected tools.

  • Rising tool costs: Increasing prices of various recruitment tools, causing budget strain without delivering cohesive results.

Results with Gem: 

  • Long-term nurturing: Building and maintaining candidate relationships for a continuous talent pipeline.

  • Unified data: Single source of truth for faster decisions and team trust.

  • Cost savings: Saving $15,000 annually by consolidating tools into Gem.

  • Higher engagement: Improved sourcing efficiency, increasing candidate response rates and saving time.

As the Head of Clinical Talent Acquisition, Sammy oversees several segments, including coordinators, recruiters, and sourcers. Because One Medical wants to attract early career talent, they’ve also begun to build out their residency recruitment strategy through their talent marketing strategy. Sammy explains, “this parallels most places where they have a university recruiting program. Residency is our equivalent to that.”

How Gem underpins tech stack consolidation while saving time and money

“Without Gem, I had to go look in four different places to piece together a story. That’s the thing about tool consolidation—if you have to do that, it’s time wasted.”

Sammy Reardon | One Medical

Sammy Reardon

Senior Director of Recruiting

One Medical

Consolidation as a cost-saving strategy

One Medical’s clinical Talent Acquisition team used several tools to support different stages of the recruiting process, including sourcing, analytics, and candidate relationship management (CRM). But the team saw that many of these tools increased their pricing as her team grew. It no longer made sense to keep up with these rising costs, especially since many team members were not using all these disparate tools. When she looked into it, she realized that switching to Gem to replace these other tools would actually save money.

“Since many of our analytics tools were increasing their prices, we had an opportunity to understand the ROI and think about consolidation. As the renewals came through they surpassed the cost of Gem,” Sammy explains.  

Reducing the tech stack also streamlines data collection

Reducing line items on the budget is an important way to save money, but Sammy and team sees another benefit of consolidating the tech stack: There’s now a single source of truth, saving time and building trust in the TA team. “Gem is our source of truth now,” says Sammy. She explains this is critical for leaders, “leading a Talent Acquisition function requires a balance between strategic oversight and tactical execution. As leaders, we are often operating from a high-level strategic perspective, but we still need to be able to drill down into the data and execute on a tactical level and adjust strategies and investments. Gem has allowed us to drill into the details in real time.”

It’s a win-win: Sammy can quickly get the information she needs and create an atmosphere of trust on her team. Another added bonus? This creates consistency so everyone is using the same language and metrics. “Gem gives that view where I can easily go in and understand the full picture in one tool vs. having to go into all these different tools.When I’m talking to anyone on the team, they’re all seeing the same things I’m seeing.” 

Gem supports long-term nurture

One Medical isn’t just trying to make hires this month or even this year—they’re anticipating a future when the supply of primary care clinicians will be even more limited than it is today. And they’re turning to Gem to support these efforts. “We’re able to do things that not many healthcare companies are doing, we now have microsites,  analytics and data that set us apart,” says Sammy.

“Having more sophisticated intel and enriched data on candidates, gives us a leg up. Especially in this world of healthcare shortage, we are literally thinking ten years down the road, imagining how we might get the talent we are interacting with today to think about medical school and subsequently primary care in the future. We can nurture those people in Gem, too. And it’s data that we’ll forever have and be able to pull and re-engage with easily.”  

Gem supports faster, more efficient sourcing and cost savings

Since using Gem, Sammy notes that sourcing and outreach are much more efficient. “Gem is allowing our Talent Acquisition team to be more effective in their roles. We are seeing that passive talent is getting connected to our team faster than before, thanks to many of Gem’s search and talent update functionalities. Furthermore, the daily refreshes of prospects in Gem only further allows us to deepen and refine our talent network.” Gem has also helped them find email addresses that no other tool can. 

Since implementing, we’ve seen a $196,000 sourcing efficiency gain and 2,196 recruiter hours saved . Plus, the cost savings of tool consolidation is around $15k. And the improved trust and transparency within the TA team might not be easy to measure with a specific metric, but it’s invaluable.

If you’re considering consolidating your own tech stack, Sammy shares some parting advice:

“With Gem, you have a track record of success and excellence. This is a tool that is not just solving for one of your recruiting needs, Gem wants to solve for all of them. They’re only enhancing their product or continuing to develop. They’re building Talent Acquisition capabilities that are ahead of their time all while working in a sustainable way.”

Sammy Reardon | One Medical

Sammy Reardon

Senior Director of Recruiting

One Medical

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