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“Gem’s Talent Marketing has significantly improved our recruitment event process, enabling us to create an exceptional candidate experience and attract top-tier talent. This tool has optimized our event efforts and elevated our talent acquisition strategy.”

Amanda Tarkenton | Vercel

Amanda Tarkenton

Recruiting Operations Manager

Vercel | Customer Logo
Vercel | Customer Logo


San Francisco, CA


400+ employees

What they do:

Vercel's frontend cloud gives developers the frameworks, workflows, and infrastructure to build a faster, more personalized Web.

Pain points / Challenges

Vercel needed a centralized, data-driven solution to automate manual recruitment processes, elevate their talent marketing strategy, increase diversity hiring, and boost brand awareness.

Results with Gem

  • Consolidated events management, lead capture, and marketing materials through Gem’s centralized platform

  • Minimized back and forth among in-house stakeholders, reducing the need for internal resources and support

  • Automated event follow-ups and nurture to deliver a seamless end-to-end candidate experience

  • Optimized event efficiency with real-time reporting on traffic, engagement, and conversions

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