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Wheel Uses Gem to Intentionally Build a Diverse Engineering Team

Wheel is a healthcare technology company and a platform that empowers clinicians and organizations to deliver high-quality virtual care, at scale. Using Wheel’s infrastructure, companies can build care services under their own brands, and clinicians have a single site through which to manage their practices. Wheel’s CEO and cofounder, Michelle Davey, has a background in talent acquisition. But when she joined a telehealth startup as Head of Global Talent, she discovered that building a workforce of clinicians was more difficult than building a workforce of engineers—and no one was looking out for the clinicians at the front lines.

Wheel emerged from those discoveries, and COVID-19 confirmed what the team was building. In May of 2021—with thousands of clinicians already in its network, and having delivered nearly half a million patient visits—the company announced a $50 million funding round to scale in a post-pandemic world.


Austin, TX

What they do

Healthcare technology platform


125+ employees

Gem product

Sourcing, Analytics, Diversity
"Gem provides a great barometer to know how many female engineers I’m reaching out to—and down the line, how many I need to reach out to if I want gender equity in my pipelines."
Greg Troxell
Greg Troxell
Senior Technical Recruiter
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