Maximize existing relationships to reduce costs

Finding great talent is expensive and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. With Gem’s CRM, you are always building a database of warm, qualified talent.

Manufacturing Prospect Search

Trusted by 1,200+ talent acquisition teams

Start from your backyard

The solution to your talent acquisition challenge is often hiding inside your CRM.

Turn your ATS into a gold mine

Gem makes it easy to search and re-engage great candidates you already have relationships within your applicant tracking system.

Calibrate on talent effortlessly

Easily review profiles with hiring managers to understand their desired skills and experience.

Digitally capture talent for current and future opportunities

Create custom forms that automatically route leads into the right talent pools and immediately drive engagement with an introductory sequence.

University Recruiting Event - Route to projects

Build warm relationships so you never start from zero

Maintain an engaged pool of passive talent so you always have a pipeline to tap into.

Track every candidate interaction

Stay up to date on the latest developments

Let Gem automatically capture the latest developments, milestones, and communication touchpoints so you have all the context you need.

One central hub

Engage talent at the right time

Search your database across a number of filters and initiate personalized sequences that are proven to convert.

Life Sciences Prospect Search

Begin your CRM search with confidence

Easily add new candidates and automatically direct them into dedicated projects so you always have a pool of warm, ready-to-engage prospects.

People Team Silver Medalists: Dynamically maintain your CRM and talent pools

"With Gem, we upload prospects into our ATS with a single click, and sourcers can immediately see the whole history of that person’s interactions with our team... [That visibility] not only tells them who they can reach out to, it also gives context to their outreach."

Jay Patel | Lyft
Jay PatelFormer Technical Sourcing Manager
Lyft | Customer Logo
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“Any passive candidate I talk to I can move into a project in Gem and stay in touch with them. Maybe they’re not a good fit now or maybe they’re not interested yet; but 12, 18 months later we have the same opening... Now I’m not sourcing from scratch for this new role.”

Blake Thiess | Prestige Care
Blake ThiessDirector of Talent Acquisition
Prestige Care | Customer Logo
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“Recruiters are using Candidate Rediscovery to find candidates we’ve already had touchpoints with—whom we’ve built relationships with—who are vetted, diverse, and likely to move through our funnel more quickly than cold-sourced talent is.”

Josh Salazar | Gusto
Josh SalazarPeople Operations
Gusto | Customer Logo
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