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Free for startups. Hire the right people, faster.

Hiring is your number one priority. That's why we're giving early-stage startups Gem free for up to two years. Start sourcing and building your team today.

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Trusted by 1,200+ talent acquisition teams

Automate your sourcing

Source, nurture, and track 1st-degree and 2nd-degree connections from your network. Gem automates the tedious, manual work, and integrates with Gmail and LinkedIn.

“Before Gem, we were wasting our time on candidates sourced from low-quality channels, such as agencies. With Gem, we were able to target top-tier candidates and hire 2 of the first 5 members of our founding team.”

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Lisa Marrone

Co-Founder at Revel, YC S19

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Automate your sourcing

Build talent relationships
 in one central place

Manage referrals and track every talent relationship and touchpoint—emails, InMails, calls, texts, or coffee chats—in one place.Consolidate your spreadsheets using Gem Projects and stay coordinated across the team.

“Gem offers me a tremendous amount of leverage as a founder/CEO. I'm able to apply a high-touch, ultra-personalized approach at scale which is simply game-changing. The response rates for emails sent through Gem are much higher than if the emails were coming from a recruiter.”

Matt Schulman | Pave

Matt Schulman


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Build Talent Relationships 
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Resources built for startups

Startups Hiring 101: A Founder's Guide
Featured Guide

How to hire for startups

Startup hiring is hard and it's difficult to know where to start. Gem has collaborated with top talent partners and founders to open source a "How to Hire for Startups" guide filled with resources including: playbooks, step-by-step instructions, and templates.

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Learn how hiring can accelerate your startup

Get started with recruiting the right way. Learn how to find and nurture passive talent from your network, how to interview, and how to close the right talent. Apply now to access resources.

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See Gem in action

Watch a 3-minute demo video from our Head of Partnerships on how startups leverage Gem.

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Talent Talk: Startup hiring 101

Gem & Unshackled VC discuss best practices (and what to avoid) of hiring as an early stage founder.

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Startup hiring guide

A hiring playbook for startups with step-by-step instructions, best practices and templates.

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Hiring at scale

Not a startup? Check out our resources for hiring at scale.

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“One of the hardest parts of recruiting your early team is knowing where to begin. Gem's open source resources for startup hiring are a big help for founders who want to build the right foundation and get off to a strong start. We recommend them day 1 to every new founder in the Accel portfolio.”

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Peter Clarke

Talent Partner at Accel

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Get Gem free for your portfolio

Enable your companies to hire like the best, for free.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Under 15 employees

  • Incorporated less than 3 years ago

  • Raised less than $5 Million (USD) in funding

If you are a larger company or a staffing/recruiting agency that isn’t eligible for the program, we would still love to talk! Click “Request a demo” to speak to our team.

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Terms & Conditions: Offer valid for new Gem customers only. Eligible companies must be incorporated within the past three (3) years, and have received no greater than five million ($5MM) (USD) in venture funding. Not valid for staffing and/or recruiting firms. Companies that exhibit excessive usage may be subject to usage limits, but we will make a commercially reasonable effort to resolve any such issues. Gem reserves the right to modify or adjust this program at any time.