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The Synergy of AI and Applicant Tracking Systems for Seamless Talent Acquisition

Jeff Beckham

Jeff Beckham

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January 20, 2024

The invention of the applicant tracking system (ATS) was an innovation that helped streamline the recruitment process by making it easier to track applicants in the talent pipeline. The modern ATS collects, sorts, filters, and ranks resumes, applications, and potential candidates to streamline the process of hiring candidates for open positions. 

While ATS software is essential for modern recruiting and staffing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation are taking these systems to the next level. AI and machine learning are making it easier to communicate with job seekers, collect and organize data, and personalize candidate experiences.  

An AI-powered ATS can also automate mundane or repetitive tasks, allowing recruiters to focus on relationship-building responsibilities. These tools work by filtering candidates based on algorithms that set a minimum threshold for experience, qualifications, and skill sets. 

Recruiters also turn to AI applicant tracking systems to help with candidate sourcing by identifying potential candidates who interact with your organization. AI can streamline the entire application process, especially in high-volume businesses with a lot of job applications to sort through. 

HR professionals can benefit by making the switch to an AI-powered ATS, and we explore what that might look like in this article. If you already know you’re looking for a tool to supplement the efforts of your recruiting team, explore Gem’s AI-powered software and see for yourself the power this new technology can bring to your hiring process. 

The Role of AI in Applicant Tracking Systems

While many hiring managers have already used an ATS, some may wonder what role artificial intelligence can play in recruiting software. AI recruiting software takes the time-saving features of ATS and amplifies their productivity. 

Here are a few reasons to introduce AI into your ATS:

  • Improved efficiency – AI can help reduce the time-to-hire by automating time-consuming tasks, like screening candidates and interview scheduling. Less time spent on these tasks means HR professionals can evaluate more resumes and candidates. 

  • Elevated candidate engagement and experience – AI recruiting tools can deliver instant and personalized candidate experiences through email outreach or career page messaging. These personalizations and real-time contact can improve the perception of your employer brand. 

  • Advanced data-driven decision-making – AI makes it easier to collect, analyze, and identify trends based on data instead of speculation. This data allows managers to make more informed decisions and hire the right candidates. 

  • Reduces unconscious bias – Leveraging AI, human resource teams can reduce unconscious biases. Many AI-powered ATSs have the functionality to create blind resumes and make hiring decisions and onboarding processes more equitable. 

A few potential challenges to be aware of: Deploying AI to work with your ATS relies on high-quality data before it can function properly. It can also be expensive and time-consuming to implement, but once you establish these tools, the results will be well worth the investment.

Optimizing Resume Screening with AI

Resume parsing, or screening, is a popular feature of current applicant tracking systems, and AI can bring added dimensions that traditional keyword parsing overlooks. AI can help filter and identify top candidates based on a more comprehensive approach and added resume context. 

Additionally, AI can help identify characteristics of successful candidates you’ve previously sourced and hired, creating an ideal persona that’s more thorough than other screening methods. Furthermore, AI takes these characteristics and identifies hidden trends, sorting the best candidates in unique ways. 

Hiring teams also find it helpful to automate assessments based on minimum reached qualifications. The ability to assign these assessments automatically reduces the time teams spend engaging with top-of-funnel candidates. 

Enhanced Candidate Matching and Ranking

AI-powered applicant tracking systems elevate hiring managers’ ability to separate top talent from the rest of the pack. The algorithms utilized by AI objectively rank, filter, and source candidates based on quantitative factors, reducing bias in the hiring process. 

An ATS with AI reduces biases by creating blind resumes, focusing on skill, experience, and qualifications rather than demographic details or other superficial factors. Plus, AI enables more intelligent tracking, making it easier to update job postings, candidate progress, and social media sourcing.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks

Another powerful feature of AI in applicant tracking systems is the automation of repetitive, mundane tasks. Automation reduces the time recruiters must spend on activities that take away from building relationships with potential candidates. 

There are several automations that AI can bring to your ATS, including:

  • Communications – AI makes chatbots and automated messaging more lifelike, allowing candidates to have personalized interactions with your business in real-time.  

  • Schedule Interviews – AI can allow candidates to schedule interviews or assign video interviews to serve as an initial screening. 

  • Move candidates through the pipeline – AI can automatically move candidate profiles through the recruiting pipeline. These automatic updates keep everyone on the hiring team on the same page. 

  • Update job boards, descriptions, and openings – AI can interact with postings and update job descriptions, job requirements, and job openings for all sourcing channels simultaneously. 

Additionally, when you combine an AI-powered ATS with your CRM, you can track candidate data, previous communications, and the status of requisitions in one place. For example, Gem’s software enhances your sourcing strategy with an all-in-one solution that includes metrics tracking and more.  

Overcoming Challenges and Addressing Concerns

Naturally, any new initiative is susceptible to pushback, concerns, and challenges before successful adoption and implementation. Some common concerns about adding an AI-powered applicant tracking system to your tech stack might include: 

  • Quality of input data

The algorithms that power AI and machine learning rely on unbiased and high-quality input data to produce accurate results, but by meticulous reporting, evaluation, and tracking, you can ensure that your data is of the highest quality. 

  • Reduction of recruiting staff

Another concern facing AI implementation is the reduction of recruiting workforces. While the fear is justifiable, the reality is humans are an integral part of the hiring process. AI doesn’t replace recruiting staff but rather empowers them to do more with less time and money. 

  • Time and money investment

New technology, especially advanced technology like AI and machine learning, is far from cheap. It also takes a decent amount of time to introduce properly. However, the end result is better candidates and improved employee retention, both of which reduce the costs associated with hiring and improve your company’s bottom-line profit.

  • Team education

Finally, implementing new tech will come with a learning curve, which may deter some users. A platform like Gem comes with plenty of resources and training to make the integration of AI-powered tools seamless. 

Elevate Your Recruitment Game with Gem's Talent Acquisition Software

Modern business increasingly relies on new technologies to maintain the upper hand over the competition. Hiring teams are also turning to advanced tech to reduce recruiting times and find qualified candidates that meet their needs. 

AI can help HR professionals automate tasks, such as scheduling interviews and sending candidate outreach. Plus, AI can put metrics to good use by unveiling trends between candidate resumes and successful new hires, allowing recruiters to source the best talent. 

Gem’s talent acquisition software leverages seamless AI integration to help recruiters find these qualified candidates. Gem has a suite of features, including pipeline management, mundane task automation, and talent analytics, that give recruiters more capabilities than ever. 

Check out Gem’s ATS and reduce the time and effort your team needs to find the best candidates.


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