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Andrew Golden

Andrew Golden

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September 13, 2022

Being strategic in recruiting is more important than ever. With constant change now the norm, Gem’s Talent Summit is here to help you anticipate what’s next and face these opportunities head-on.

Talent Summit will bring together industry leaders from today’s most innovative companies to share their best practices, insights, and market trends you can use to build a more effective talent acquisition team and kickstart the rest of your year. 

Join thousands of talent acquisition professionals virtually to hear from innovative leaders on today’s biggest topics and insights from Gem’s leaders—plus guest speakers from Netflix, Chili Piper, Visa, and many more. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?!

If you haven’t registered for Talent Summit yet, you can save your spot here: Save my seat!

While there are numerous workshops, roundtables, and sessions offered across two days at Talent Summit, here’s a little glimpse into what you can expect: 

Gem Talent Summit Sessions: Thursday, September 29th 

Navigating the Future of Recruiting

Hosts: Steve Bartel, Jennifer Rettig, Jeff Moore

Time: 8:35am–9:00am

Talent is timeless. No matter the ebbs and flows of the market, TA teams are strategically positioned to drive their companies' long-term success. Gem’s CEO, Steve Bartel, will talk with Jennifer Rettig, SVP of Talent at Pendo, and Jeff Moore, VP of TA at Toast to bring you the latest hiring trends, tips from top TA leaders, and new ways Gem can help companies hire great teams.

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A Conversation with Patty McCord

Hosts: Patty McCord, Richard Cho

Time: 9:00am–9:25am

Gem’s Chief Recruiting Officer, Richard Cho, will be joined on the virtual stage by Patty McCord. Best known for exploring new ways to work while building Netflix’s team and culture across her 14-year tenure, Patty is considered a voice of reason and guiding light for TA leaders everywhere. This conversation will touch on the fresh ideas coming out of TA's most innovative teams, the role strategic recruiting should play in today’s hiring environment, and sage advice for those navigating an unpredictable hiring landscape.

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A Future-Forward Perspective on Diversity Recruiting

Hosts: Rocki Howard, Marshanette Nunes, Cynthia Owyoung, Sheilesha Willis

Time: 9:30am–10:15am

Any organization that wants to succeed in today’s hiring market knows that diversity is one of the most important factors in attracting and retaining top talent. According to Glassdoor, more than 75% of job seekers say that diversity is an important consideration when evaluating companies and job offers. Unfortunately, far too often, leadership teams with good intentions struggle to set realistic targets for what diversity looks like within their organization, what it should (or could) be, and how to get there. 

Join us for an eye-opening session with thought leaders from The Mom Project, Affirm, Robinhood, and Gem where you’ll learn how to: 

  • Source diverse talent from untapped markets 

  • Craft personalized outreach that resonates with underrepresented audiences

  • Nurture candidates throughout the hiring process to keep them engaged 

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Emerging Trends: The Rise of Rec Ops

Hosts: Bernardo Sosa, En-Szu, Danielle Belanger, Amy Wood

Time: 9:30am–10:15am

Recruiting Operations has seen a meteoric rise in popularity as teams look to create best-in-class processes and programs, eliminate inefficiencies in the hiring process, and ensure a consistent (and consistently great) experience for every candidate.

With massive uncertainties in the future of work, market fluctuations, and ever-increasing competition plaguing the talent acquisition world, TA teams need to leverage data to make more informed hiring decisions while eliminating inefficiencies. In this session, TA and RecOps leaders from Box, Toast, Chili Piper, and Gem will discuss:

  • Why Recruiting Operations is more critical than ever

  • Key metrics and KPIs every RecOps team needs to be effective

  • What the future looks like for Recruiting Operations 

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Emerging Trends: Talent Marketing, Winning with Authenticity

Hosts: Amber Kroner, Michael Mager, Desiree Caballero

Time: 10:15am–10:45am

As competition for qualified candidates remains at an all-time high, a strong employer brand strategy is crucial for increasing awareness of your company, communicating your unique value proposition, and converting prospects into interested candidates. However, this isn’t an easy task. A company’s reputation matters more and more, and prospects are wary when your company culture doesn’t validate your reputation.

Join us for an in-depth session where you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a truly authentic employer brand strategy

  • Adapt your employer brand during a potential downturn

  • Attract even more candidates as the employer of choice

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Close the Diversity Gap and Deliver an Unbeatable Candidate Experience

Host: Lauren Loera

Time: 10:15am–10:45am

One roadblock on the path to closing the diversity gap is casting a net that’s too small; another is telling yourself that the underrepresented talent you’re looking for doesn’t exist. It does! According to statistics, roughly 70% of open jobs aren’t publicly posted. Instead, these positions are filled through networking. It takes creativity and intentionality to find and connect with underrepresented communities and lead them to your open roles. 

In this session, Lauren Loera, Technical Recruiting Researcher at Netflix, will cover how to optimize your network to generate inclusive pipelines that lead to better candidate experiences and improved talent retention by: 

  • Identifying and connecting with URG community groups 

  • Building a network of present and future prospects 

  • Utilizing internal groups and programs to build relationships

  • Data mining to identify the health of your recruiting outreach and hiring pipelines 

If you’re looking to genuinely diversify your pipelines right now—and hopefully you are!—this is a can’t-miss session.

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Building a Business Case: How to Shift TA from a Cost Center to a Strategic Function

Host: Allyn Bailey

Time: 10:45am–11:15am

Recruiting teams have become more data-driven than ever in recent years. As this shift happens, the organizations they’re embedded in are finally viewing recruiting less as a cost center or administrative function and more as a key strategic partner to the business. In the best of cases, recruiting has become such a strategic differentiator that companies are willing to invest all the resources they can to achieve the headcount that will drive their business goals. 

But if your business doesn’t have that view of recruiting yet, how do you make the case for your team as a strategic partner—one with acute talent market intelligence, insights about role prioritization and org growth, capacity models that are bound to impact your headcount plan, and more? Allyn Bailey, Executive Director of Hiring Success at SmartRecruiters, will deep-dive into the strategies she’s implemented over the years to transform businesses’ views of the recruiting function. In a moment like ours, in which talks of hiring slowdowns feel ubiquitous, the question of how recruiting can become (and remain!) a strategic function is more important than ever. 

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Analyst Perspective: How to Boost Recruiting Results with a Modern TA Tech Stack

Host: Tim Sackett

Time: 11:25am–11:55am

According to Aptitude’s 2022 TA Technology Buyer’s Guide, talent professionals’ top two frustrations with TA tech are that they’re using too many solutions and that their systems aren’t integrated. These are frustrations we hear often. A modern TA tech stack should unify your existing tools, strengthen collaboration, offer critical data insights to all the right stakeholders, and increase overall productivity. If it’s not doing all of these things, it’s probably time to take a hard look at the software that’s upholding your hiring processes.

In this session, Tim Sackett, President of HRU Technical Resources, will walk us through his approach to building a TA tech stack, what he looks for in a vendor, and how to determine the ROI of your tools to demonstrate their value to the business. This is your chance to hear some sage advice from an industry leader who’s built out a tech stack many times over.

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Emerging Trends: Talent Nurture is the New Sourcing

Host: Micahel Franco

Time: 11:25am–11:55am

In 2022, 80% of separations are now initiated by employees—talent that’s voluntarily choosing to leave comfortable jobs in a complex macroeconomic climate because they’re being offered better opportunities than the ones they’re in now. The talent shortage is here to stay; and when it comes to technical recruiting—which this session will focus on—roles like engineering, data science, and cybersecurity are sure to remain competitive no matter the broader market conditions.

Relationship-based recruiting is the future of our industry; and Michael Franco, Senior Director of Recruiting at Yext, knows the power of passive talent nurture better than most—it’s a strategy she’s employed with great success. In this session, Michael will discuss: 

  • Why he believes thoughtful, patient, long-term nurture sequences that build trusting relationships with talent are the future of sourcing 

  • What best practices are for building talent pools and crafting nurture campaigns

  • How to filter down groups like former silver medalists for more personalized, targeted messaging.

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Don't Believe the Hype: What's Actually Happening in TA

Hosts: Adelia Curtis Duarte, Celinda Appleby, Liz Brown, Matt Charney

Time: 11:55am–12:40pm

If you’re following the news, you might be riding the pendulum of anxiety, uncertainty, or optimism on any given day. You also might not regularly be in conversation with TA professionals in other organizations for a broader sense of what’s happening outside your own company.

The experts from Cisco, Visa, and Human Capital see the bigger picture. Join us to discuss what they’ve observed in the broader industry landscape. In this session, the panel will bring their insights—and perhaps a little provocation about why the tech sector is the only industry seeing net job losses—to the table. You’ll learn how to:

  • Become recession-ready without losing sight of current goals and strategies

  • Prepare your recruiting team for when hiring ramps up again

  • Leverage your TA team’s market knowledge to inform the business strategy

  • Approach conversations with your recruiters right now

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Gem Customer Day: Wednesday, September 28th

Talent Summit kicks off with an exclusive Customer Day — A day of content designed exclusively for Gem customers. Customers who attend will gain a deeper understanding of the platform, knowledge-share with other Gem customers, and walk away equipped to reach hiring goals by leveraging Gem.

Doing More With Less: Debugging Your Hiring Process

Host: Robyn Watson, Ani Sapru

Time: 8:50am–9:20am

What can't be measured can't be improved. In a competitive job market, pipeline efficiency is key. In this session, join Robyn Watson, Senior Customer Talent Advisor at Gem, to discover how to leverage Gem as your source of truth to uncover constraints, unblock your funnel, and answer questions like: 

  • Which metrics have you found more useful than others, and why? 

  • What are the trends that you’ve built into a TA-wide program/project? 

  • Who do you pull into the conversation about the hiring process and how do you measure success with them?

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Meet Talent Where They Are: Strategies to Supercharge Your Sourcing & Nurture Efforts

Host: Joshua Kaan

Time: 8:50am–9:20am

Today's market requires a creative and scalable talent search and engagement strategy. Our team will cover which channels are most effective for your ideal candidate and how to best leverage Gem for outreach engagement. This session will cover: 

  • Why leveraging a variety of channels is important - meeting talent where they are and who they are 

  • What channels are available via Gem and which ones we see as being the most powerful channels generationally, over time, functionally

  • Segmentation of personas & power of content 

  • Reviewing analytics and testing various channels 

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Unlocking ATS Gold with Candidate Rediscovery

Hosts: Andrew Kritzer, Funmi Billings

Time: 9:20am–9:50am

Instead of starting every job req from scratch, engage with stellar talent already in your talent pool with Gem's Candidate Rediscovery. In this session, you'll learn how to build high-quality pipelines and maintain warm relationships with silver medalists, candidates that have declined offers, inactive referrals, and more.

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Amplify & Attract: Using Gem to Enhance Your Talent Marketing Efforts

Hosts: Desiree Caballero, Allison Simon

Time: 9:20am–9:50am

It takes multiple touch points to influence a career decision. Learn the difference between brand and recruiting marketing, why you need both, and how Gem approaches recruitment marketing. This roundtable discussion will answer questions such as:

  • What are some of the pain points you have with recruitment marketing today? 

  • What challenges do you have in proving the value of top-of-funnel activities? 

  • What has worked really well for connecting with Sourcing/Recruiting on candidate outreach & nurture through to hire?

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Shifting TA to a Strategic Function Using Talent Compass

Hosts: Viet Nguyen, Lucia Zhang

Time: 9:50am–10:20am

With all eyes on TA teams, it's more important than ever that the team position itself as a strategic function directly linked to business outcomes. In this session, you'll learn how Gem can help improve capacity planning and executive-level reporting as well as: 

  • Capacity planning, forecasting, and the state of play today 

  • How effective capacity planning and exec reporting elevate TA

  • How to start and how to evolve a capacity planning maturity model

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Getting the Hiring Manager Relationship Right with Gem

Hosts: Justin Swisher, Ross Carvalho

Time: 9:50am–10:20am

Every successful hire stems from a successful partnership between recruiter and hiring manager. To get this right, recruiters need to build trust and position themselves as strategic partners by leading with data and bringing visibility to the pipeline. In this session, you'll learn how data and insights drive your recruiting team, how to debug your funnel and drive accountability to strengthen the relationship with your hiring managers.

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Moving the Needle: Using Data to Evolve Your Diversity Recruiting Plan

Host: John Fisher, Ann Samuelson

Time: 10:20am–10:50am

What does it mean to have a robust diversity recruiting plan? What resources do you need to be successful? If you've been tasked with creating a diversity recruiting plan to reach your company's ambitious goals, you might be asking all these questions. In this session, we'll cover exactly the plan we've seen work for companies who got the plan right so you don't start from scratch, show you how Gem can support the plan with Talent Compass, and what additional resources you can expect to need. We’ll also cover:

  • State of diversity recruiting today 

  • What we see successful companies doing / what goes into a robust diversity plan 

  • How Gem can support: Benchmarks, historical hiring look back, forecast calculator, and more

  • What else is required (outside of Gem)  i.e Leadership buy-in, prioritization, Enablement, goals, QBRs, performance metrics, piloting programs  

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Using Data on the Daily: Secrets of High-Performance Recruiters

Hosts: Leigh Miller, Nathalie Grandy

Time: 10:20am–10:50am

Data-informed decisions make high-performance recruiters and ensure successful recruiting strategies. Learn how to debug your funnel by incorporating the data that matters into your workflow to drive measurable results.

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This year’s Talent Summit will be one for the books, we can’t wait to see you there!


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