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Gem is recognized as a Recruiting Automation Leader by our customers

Lauren Shufran

Lauren Shufran

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July 7, 2021

From Gem’s very founding, one of our four core values has been customer-centricity. We don’t build anything without deep-diving with our customers first—conversations that often include members of our engineering team so they can hear from users firsthand—and deciding what to build, and how to build it, from there. One measurement of how well that’s served us is when our customers share their experiences of using our product, and of building relationships with our team.

So we’re thrilled to announce our recent award in the recruiting automation category in G2’s Summer 2021 report. G2 is a community of real users sharing real reviews in real-time. It gathers reviews directly from verified product users to rank the leading software products and services, globally. With nearly 1.4 million authentic reviews for more than 90,000 listed software vendors, we’re honored and excited that our customers, collectively, have given us a 4.9 out of 5 stars; and that we ranked 8th out of 181 contenders in the recruiting automation space. Not only because G2 informs so many B2B buying decisions; but also because it validates our decision to put our customers’ needs above our own ideas about what our product should do—always.

Gem stars

G2 uses data from customer reviews to score products on a grid, which plots products on a quadrant for any given software type: “Satisfaction” on the x-axis, “Market Presence” on the y-axis. Gem’s customer reviews put us in the “Leader” quadrant for recruiting automation software (alongside companies with longer market presences such as LinkedIn, Hired, SmartRecruiters, Hirteual, and SAP SuccessFactors) and the “High Performer” quadrant for candidate relationship management. We’re excited to be awarded badges in these categories:

users love Gem
Gem recruiting tech leader

“Our goal at Gem—really the thing that drives us every day—is to empower talent acquisition teams to do their best work, in all the ways that means for them,” says Gem’s co-founder and CEO, Steve Bartel. “We’ve built a team that’s quickly and completely responsive to customers’ asks; and day after day, that’s feeling more like one of Gem’s biggest differentiators. We’ll continue to deliver on our promise to abide by a customer-centric model, and to meet the growing needs of our customers in this exciting and ever-evolving space. In the meantime, I’m so grateful for our customers for trusting us with such a critical business function—and for this feedback in the form of these ratings. The positive feedback, too, helps us build a better product.” 

Gem user ratings

Here are some of our favorite reviews from our customers’ own voices (though if you want to read more, you can find all our reviews here):

"GEM automates my Recruiting Life"

“Easily and seamlessly integrates with all the recruiting tools I use. From searching people on LinkedIn to have them ready in my ATS to knowing who contacted them already. It's just a wonder to work with and automates my daily contacting. I just focus on the talent and sharing what my company is about.”

- Jairo F, Tech Sourcer on exclusive assignment with Slack

"Improve your Talent Acquisition capabilities 10x"

“I love the complete sourcing automation offerings. Being able to build complete sequences and send those to candidates with ease, never forgetting to send the next email if need be, truly puts my mind at ease. Additionally the insights Gem provides in terms of engagement stats, conversion rates, and intersectionality of candidates is truly spectacular.”

- Josh S, Sourcer

"Gem is fantastic and my go-to hiring tool"

“I started using Gem when I managed the technical recruiting function at Segment. Before Gem we were sending one-off sourcing emails, setting reminders, and often forgetting to follow up with candidates. Gem provided visibility into our team’s outbound efforts and allowed us to hold each other accountable, which in turn improved the candidate experience and kept our data clean. Now as the Head of Talent at Amplify, (an early-stage VC investing in technical founders), I recommend Gem to all our early startups.” 

- Natasha K

"The best recruiting tech yet"

“Gem has multiple products which are all beneficial in their own way but I would say the best part for me and my team's needs has been the pipeline analytics report. It's easy to use, filter, and understand what you're looking at. And best of all it allows us to breakdown the pipeline and pass-through rates by demographics which has been instrumental to our ability to set meaningful diversity recruiting OKRs this year.”

- Jordan S

"First amazing recruiting software I've used!"

“This is the first recruiting software that Hiring Managers on my team have been EXCITED to use. The most exciting thing about Gem to me is the night and day change in my Hiring Managers’ activity. It has become so easy for them to send customized messages and sequences, and I’ve never before seen such a willingness to be strategic partners alongside our recruiters. It's also really upleveled our understanding of D&I in our hiring pipeline. While we're still striving to get better as a company, having a detailed understanding of D&I stats at every step in the pipeline is clearly a critical foundation and Gem is the only tool that's really delivered on that for us.”

- Tido C

"Highly recommend - my favorite sourcing tool across the market"

“Building databases as well as outreach analytics to become a data driven recruiting team really helps inform our strategies. Not to mention, the outreach email function has been highly impactful across technical recruiting for engineers, product, and design. There's a good build out on using and recycling formerly-sourced candidates within the system to create and re-engage with people over time.”

- Ryan V, Sr. Talent Associate 

"The best candidate management tool available on the market!"

“Gem is an absolutely incredible platform to use for managing candidates. The ability to send sequences to candidates with email & link tracking, as well as being able to pre-schedule follow-ups is a game-changer for improving your sourcing metrics. Not only can you use Gem to manage all of the passive candidates you reach out to, it also has the ability to house incoming candidates from marketing campaigns which makes it super easy to cross-check duplicate candidates with zero effort. The reporting capabilities that come with Gem are robust and have helped our team redefine our recruiting strategy based on the data we collect, and the ability to integrate it with almost any system has improved our speed tremendously.”

- Kerri M, Global Head of Talent

If you’d like to check out Gem for yourself, we’d be thrilled to give you a personalized walk-through of what we’re building for talent acquisition teams like yours. Request a demo here, and we’ll get back to you right away. 


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