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Gem product update: November 2022

Sarah Koo

Sarah Koo

Head of Product

Posted on

December 5, 2022

We’ve been hard at work this past month improving our platform to make Gem even more valuable for you. We hope you enjoy these updates as much as we do!

Here’s a quick summary:

  • New Industry Benchmarks!

  • Bulk uploading resumes from recruiting events is made easier with Resume Book Upload.

  • Personalization in your campaigns with Custom Tokens.

As always, chat with us in Gem to learn more, ask questions, or share feedback.


Your source of truth across talent relationships

Make the most out of your recruiting events with Resume Book Upload

Can you imagine manually entering candidate information one resume at a time? Now imagine you have hundreds of resumes after a successful career fair or event. I can’t think of anything more tedious! This is why we’re happy to share Gem’s Resume Book Upload to bulk create Gem profiles with just a few clicks. Save time, measure the return on your recruiting events, and ensure timely follow-up with your prospects when you upload just one PDF and let Gem do the work of automatically importing each candidate for you.

Resume Book Upload Image


Reach even more talent, faster

Personalize your Branded Campaigns with Custom Tokens

Give your Branded Campaigns a personalized touch with custom tokens, just the way they work in Sequences. Custom tokens are available for first name, last name, company, and day of the week.

Custom Tokens


Efficiently deliver a great candidate experience

Ensure timely follow-ups with SLA alerts

We know recruiters have a lot to remember and it is so easy to let a follow-up fall through the cracks. But ghosting, even if accidental, negatively impacts the candidate experience. Let Gem help you stay accountable with automated alerts directly to your inbox so you never miss an SLA. Learn more about Talent Pipeline SLAs.

ICYMI Application Review is now available and with more updates

No more hours spent scanning through hundreds of unqualified resumes. Gem’s Application Review helps you find the needle in your haystack of resumes. Simplify and streamline how recruiters manage their growing inbound applications, empowering them to quickly sift through their applicant stack and find quality candidates, all at record speed and with minimal headaches.

To add to this release, we made improvements:

  • New filter to keep communication aligned when you filter for applicants that have (or have not been) previously contacted by your team.

  • Unlock accessibility and efficiency with hotkeys for different actions on Application Review.


Insights that help you plan for what’s ahead

More Industry Benchmarks!

Evaluate your recruiting KPIs even further when you see how you’re stacking up against your peers with Industry Benchmarks and additional passthrough rates. Need a refresher on Peer Benchmarks? Learn about it here.

Benchmarks Image

Keep your team accountable with Scorecard Completion rates [now available for Lever]

Are you reaching 100% completion on scorecards? Scorecards help reduce bias and keep consistency in the interview process. Provide a great candidate experience when you track your team’s completion rate with Gem.

View all your insights in one place

No more toggling back and forth between Pipeline Analytics and Dashboards! Create table widgets directly in Dashboards to view all of your metrics (candidate activity, time in stage, and passthrough rates) in one screen.

PA in Dash

Unlock more reporting flexibility

  • Additional option for calculating metrics based on stage transitions: options now include stage movement, stage activity, hybrid, or reverse hybrid.

  • Greater accuracy in passthrough rates when you exclude candidates in “waiting” status.


Empower your team to do their best work

Stay compliant with Gender & Race/Ethnicity rules

Gain more control over how gender and race/ethnicity predictive data is processed for certain candidates. Easily configure location-based rules and team-wide defaults to keep you compliant to local policies and GDPR.

Location Rules

Invite new Gem users faster with Bulk Invite

Forget individually inviting users to Gem: admins can save time by bulk inviting their teams onto the platform.

Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you soon!

Team Gem


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