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Deliver a great candidate experience with Talent Pipeline SLAs

Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

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June 23, 2022

With large volumes of candidates across roles, it's difficult for recruiting and hiring teams to keep track of their pipelines. Juggling multiple open reqs and candidates can often lead to delays in follow-ups, leaving candidates with an overall negative impression, or a competing offer elsewhere. This perception comes at a cost; a LinkedIn survey found that 27% of candidates with a negative recruiting experience would “actively discourage” others from applying for a job with that company. Given the stiff competition for talent today, businesses cannot afford such unforced errors and still expect to meet their hiring goals. 

Our latest updates to Talent Pipeline bring SLAs into your full cycle recruiting process. With this new release, talent teams can clearly define expectations, ensure timely follow-ups, and proactively (and automatically!) keep their stakeholders in the loop.

Define & align on expectations


One major imperative for recruiting operations and leaders is ensuring that all recruiters and non-recruiters know when to get back to candidates. When defining these expectations, some organizations have detailed & documented guidelines, whereas others do not know where to begin. Fortunately for our customers, Talent Pipeline can support both teams. Talent teams can customize their SLAs at various stages across the process or select default ones provided by Gem based on best practices we gathered from our top customers. Regardless of your path, you can rest easy knowing everyone will be on the same page.

Enforce timely follow-ups with candidates

talent pipeline

Setting expectations & guidelines is one thing, but to ensure execution, you must make it easy for your team to follow through. From Talent Pipeline, recruiters and hiring managers can quickly spot which candidates are approaching or have missed SLAs with color-coded statuses. As Kyle Ijichi, Senior Technical Recruiter at Carta, puts it, “Gem’s color-coding [SLAs] alert me to who’s waiting on feedback, whom we need to take action on. I see that 5 candidates have made it to the reference check. I see how many days it’s been since our last touchpoint with every candidate. At a glance, I have an immediate sense of how an open role is trending.” (Read more about how Carta optimizes it's recruiting operations)

If you have large volumes of candidates to visualize, fret not; you can also filter your Talent Pipeline view to focus on those that need urgent attention. 

recruiting SLA

Proactively keep your team in the loop

team SLA

Lastly, recruiting is a team sport, which means success doesn’t come unless recruiters and hiring managers are marching to the beat of the same tune. With so many resumes to review and phone screens in a week, recruiters barely have time to breathe, let alone spend time reviewing the candidate pipeline with hiring managers every second. Fortunately, Talent Pipeline makes it easy for talent teams to give their stakeholders a pulse on their candidate pipeline without additional effort. Recruiters can automate report sharing of the latest Talent Pipeline reports. Reports can be customized across several filters, including SLA status and recruiting stage, thereby only surfacing the candidates that matter to your audience. Reports can be shared via a slack channel, slack DM, or good old-fashioned email so you can use the best channel for your team.

‍What’s next

As we continue to invest in this product, we’ll build additional capabilities to help you take advantage of SLAs in your recruiting workflow. These investments include automated alerts and deeper reporting on your SLA performance, allowing you to pinpoint challenges and identify opportunities.

If you’re new to Gem or interested in leveraging recruiting SLAs to consistently deliver a great candidate experience, get in touch with a team member to learn more. 

Contact your customer success manager today if you’re a Gem customer and want to learn more about getting started with Talent Pipeline!


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