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Gem begins 2023 with multiple accolades from Capterra

Lauren Shufran

Lauren Shufran

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February 22, 2023

Gem is proud to kickstart 2023 with its mention in the flagship report of Capterra, a free online service that helps organizations find the right software. Gem is recognized as a Top Performer in Capterra’s 2022 Shortlist for Recruiting Software. Capterra Shortlist is an independent assessment that evaluates user reviews and online search activity to generate a list of market leaders in the software space that offer the most popular solutions. (Have a look at the Capterra Shortlist methodology here.)

Gem software Capterra shortlist

Capterra considers a ratings score alongside a popularity score. Top Performers are the highest-scoring products in both popularity and user ratings. These are generally products that have been around for a while and are loved by their users. Gem achieved an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars (we’re in the top right quadrant alongside companies like LinkedIn and Lever):

Capterra Grid

And there’s more. Gem is proud to be recognized in the “Best Ease of Use” for Predictive Analytics Software category and the “Best Value” for HR Analytics Software category. Have a look at the recognition below:

Gem Software on Capterra

“Customer focus is one of Gem’s four core values,” says CEO Steve Bartel. “Before Nick [Bushak, CTO] and I even wrote a single line of code, we talked to around 50 talent acquisition professionals to ensure the product we were envisioning was really going to solve a pain point for them. This has always been our top priority: are we offering an actual solution to an actual set of pain points? Those conversations were where Gem’s customer focus was born—and customers have been the foundation of everything we’ve built from day one. Our customers are brilliant subject matter experts, and what we build is informed by both the challenges and the insights they bring us. Gem wouldn’t be Gem without them.”

Our users have indeed made these accolades possible. Over the years, we’ve been able to work with some of the most innovative recruiting teams in the world. We’ve onboarded more than 1,200 customers, and everything we do is in service of how we can drive the most value for them. Here are some of our favorite reviews:

"Easy to use—great way to stand out to candidates!"

“Because the product is so intuitive it was very easy to get onboarded and comfortable with it. What I love most is how it automatically catches mistakes like double emails to the same candidate, missing links in emails, etc. Gem takes care of all the details so I don't have to… I also just love the core product. When I was sourcing manually I would often forget to send 3rd and 4th follow up emails—now Gem does all that for me. Lastly, the data Gem provides about each campaign has been SO valuable—I now have all the information I need to adjust and adapt my approach based on what that data is telling me. Before Gem I was sort of flying blind, I ended up doing a lot of data analysis manually which was incredibly time consuming and frustrating and I was never 100% sure things were accurate. I am a big fan of this product!”

- Samantha L, Recruiter

"I saw immediate success with Gem"

“I made 2 hires immediately through Gem, and I was able to engage with candidates through Gem that had ignored my LinkedIn messages previously. All in all, a fabulous tool that I will recommend to anyone. I loved the ability to build out my email sequences. I saw a major improvement in candidate responses vs messaging through LinkedIn. The extension is very easy to use on LinkedIn as well as through my email. I also loved the data provided on candidates opening emails, clicking links, etc. Ot provided me with the ability to reengage at later dates.”

- Randi, W, Recruiter

"I love using Gem and their team!"

"Working with Gem I've been able to harness our recruiting data to make huge strides with our Diversity recruiting goals as well as uncover insights that help us re-organize and become a more efficient team. The team at Gem has been very helpful and I love partnering with them as they certainly have been committed to enabling us to achieve our goals… I love that Gem gives us the ability to track our recruiting efforts towards our Diversity goals. I also love how easy it is to automate sequences and email campaigns while also providing quantifiable data so we can continue to iterate on our strategies. Lastly, the reports are great to view recruiting pipeline health.”

- Blake J, Recruiting Manager

"Effective for Recruiting"

“Overall, Gem is a great tool for any company's recruiting stack. It's got a ton of features, great integrations, and they're backed by top tier VCs! Gem has a strong database of email addresses that they verify, their reporting and analytics is very useful for identifying bottlenecks in the recruiting & sourcing process, reviewing top of funnel metrics for the team, and measuring template effectiveness when reaching out to candidates.”

- Glane R, Head of Social Media

"Excellent product!"

“Gem is a great partner to help achieve our Talent Acquisition goals. Our current ATS (Lever) does not offer some of the features this technology does. I'm so happy we decided to partner with Gem! The technology offers a great dashboard experience for producing reports for our internal clients, they are easy to set up and share. We also use the technology to source, send sequenced messages, and manage a passive candidate pool. Great software, I would highly recommend it!”

- Mark R, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition

"Master user of Gem in only 6 months"

“I've found the team behind Gem to be helpful and knowledgeable. I also am thrilled that they never seem to stop trying to improve and innovate. I was given this software as a tool with very little instruction and it's been simple and easy to pick up. I also uncover new features and tricks every day. It's by far the best CRM/LinkedIn tool I've used in a long time. I've used tons of different CRM/ATS's and Chrome extensions over my career, and Gem is by far one of the best tools I've found. I don't know what we did before Gem. The analytics and dashboards have been a game-changer for reporting and becoming more data-focused. Automation saves a ton of time.”

- James A, Consultant

"Gem is the BEST"

“Gem is tackling problems that other recruiting tools have failed to tackle or don't do well enough. Everything I don't like about LinkedIn Recruiter, the ATS's I've used, the reporting tools, Gem has created a solutions and made those workflows easy and effective!”

- Marissa B, Talent Enablement Manager

"You need this, trust me"

“I've been sourcing for 22 years and I always prayed / hoped / wished there was a tool that would make my life easier. Gem is that tool. It's fast—you can upload a candidate from LinkedIn, throw it in a project folder, throw it in a prospect req in your ATS, find a personal email address, write a personalized email and have it go into an automated followup sequence that will follow up for the rest of time if you want it to. And I can do all that in about 30 seconds. It's amazing. I can see who is opening my email, who is clicking on my links, who is replying, and who is interested. I can send emails as my boss with his real email address. I can see all my metrics and monitor my conversation rates. For candidates that never replied in the past, I can easily through them into a new sequence and continue reaching out. Its an amazing tool!”

- Mark D, Recruiter

"Greatest prospect outreach tool!"

“Some of the most helpful features for me when using Gem are the data and analytics it provides. It's impressive how it can break down analytics based on stages in sequences, projects, and also gives you freedom to build custom reports, as needed (per recruiter, per job, timeline basis, etc).”

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About Gem: Gem’s end-to-end modern recruiting solution empowers talent acquisition teams to engage their entire talent network, optimize sourcing efforts, and uncover actionable insights that guide smarter, forward-looking decisions. Gem works alongside LinkedIn and other places that you source, while integrating with Gmail, Outlook, and your ATS. Find the talent you need to meet hiring targets and scale your teams with Gem.

About Capterra: Capterra is a software reviews and selection platform that connects businesses to the right technology. Compare software, read and leave reviews, and access objective insights that empower business growth.

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