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Gem’s Recruiting-for-Recruiters List: A Resource

Lauren Shufran

Lauren Shufran

Content Strategist

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April 28, 2020

Gem's Recruiting for Recruiters list is a resource for recruiters looking for work and the recruiters looking to hire them. We want you to find each other.

It’s been over a month now since many knowledge-workers began working from home and companies started shifting hiring strategies in response to COVID-19. In that short time, we’ve all seen the recruiting landscape and the talent market change. At Gem, we’ve spoken with teams that are freezing hiring altogether, and with recruiters who’ve been temporarily moved into new roles in their orgs to support other departments. We’ve also spoken with teams for whom hiring is suddenly ramping up. We’re in contact with recruiters who are overwhelmed by more work, and others who are overwhelmed because they were recently let go. We’re taking the pulse with every new conversation; and we hear you, talent acquisition.

But if we’ve learned anything from our time in this space, it’s that recruiters have a lot of grit. You’re scrappy, and smart, and creative, and tough. But there’s more: you’re generous, big-hearted, and community-oriented. Recruiting is about people, after all. And you’re rising to this occasion, of course... because that’s what you do.

Our team has been deep in conversation about how we can best support this remarkable recruitment community at this moment. There are plenty of lists circulating right now: catalogs of companies that are laying off employees and of companies who are still looking to fill open roles. These are incredibly valuable resources for talent teams looking to hire for all roles, across departments. But we wanted to offer a resource specifically for recruiters hiring recruiters (R4R) and recruiters looking for work.

Maybe your organization is hiring at full-speed right now, and you’ve got to expand your team quickly to keep up. On the other hand, maybe you’ve been affected by layoffs; and you know you’ve got the skills and experience (and grit, and creativity) to support those teams that are still hiring. We’d like both sides to meet, which is why we started a Recruiting-for-Recruiters list.

Our Recruiting-for-Recruiters list shows current open jobs for both talent sourcers and recruiters, along with the hiring company’s website. If you’re on a team that’s currently hiring, we encourage you to fill out this form so we can add your open sourcing and recruiting roles to the list. We’d love if you’d be willing to circulate both the list and the form with your talent acquisition network. The more up-to-date information we have, the more valuable this resource will be for recruiters on both sides of the hiring process... and if this pilot proves useful to you all, it’s a resource we’d like to keep offering long after we’re back in our respective offices, and recruitment fully finds its footing again.

Gem has learned so much from every one of you as we’ve built and iterated on our product. You’re our best teachers; and we’re so proud of you for the work that you do, and the spirit in which you do it. Now: Let’s keep this community thriving.


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