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Revolutionizing Recruitment: 6 Ways AI Enhances Talent Acquisition

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Brandice Payne

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November 15, 2023

Many of us still remember submitting paper applications, resumes, and cover letters to every business we wanted to work for. Although it seems like just yesterday, artificial intelligence has been a part of the recruiting process for nearly 15 years. 

AI and machine learning benefit recruiters and talent acquisition teams by analyzing vast amounts of data to produce trends and actionable insights on sourcing, hiring, and onboarding. These technologies also help automate mundane tasks, allowing human resources professionals to focus on building relationships. 

Despite the benefits AI promises to bring, there is some opposition to the increased implementation in the overall recruitment process. For example, professionals worry that technology will replace them, leaving many without income or work. 

However, AI tools should not be replacements for human-based operations. Instead, they are enhancements that supercharge the hiring process, allowing organizations to find qualified candidates at lower costs and in reduced timeframes. 

6 Ways AI Enhances Talent Acquisition

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing how human resources professionals approach hiring. From automation to identifying trends, AI software enhances the entire talent acquisition process in order to bring the most qualified candidates into the organization. Here’s a look at six ways AI can bring these enhancements to your business: 

1. Automated Resume Screening

Recruiters spend an average of just six to eight seconds analyzing a resume during initial screenings. And in those brief seconds, these professionals look for hard skills first, as much as 41% of the time

AI tools aid in the hiring process, starting with the pre-screening phase, where job seekers submit resumes and cover letters in an attempt to attract attention. Previous screening processes required a recruiter to comb through hundreds if not thousands of candidate resumes, which was time-consuming and could lead to poor-quality hires. 

In organizations with a high volume of applicants, this antiquated process is inefficient, and AI technology can match candidate skills with job requirements, helping filter qualified candidates with ease. The assistance with sorting and filtering AI allows human hiring managers to make the final decisions on new employees with confidence. 

2. Improved Candidate Matching

Finding the right candidate with the proper blend of skills and cultural fit reduces turnover and improves team cohesion. AI-powered recruitment software can analyze vast datasets in order to match job applicants with roles that suit their skills and experience. 

With the Gem platform, you can uncover passive applicants and applicants who applied previously. Then, you can use AI tools to personalize your outreach across channels, including LinkedIn, Indeed, and more than 20 others. 

You can further utilize those personalization functions to create job recommendations and dynamic content based on candidate’s resumes. Plus, you can extend these recruiting techniques to internal applicants, catering their experience to their unique positions. 

3. Diversity and Inclusion Enhancement

DEI initiatives are one of the four cornerstones that younger generations look for in modern workforces. HR managers and professionals must focus on creating diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace cultures, starting with the recruiting process. 

AI recruitment software can promote blind screening processes to ensure hiring decisions are free from unconscious bias. These processes include removing names and demographics when tools screen resumes and creating shortlists focused on skills and experience. 

AI can further reduce human bias during the interview process by analyzing video interviews to leverage automated decision-making tools (AEDT) and human intelligence for final hiring decisions. Recruiting teams engaged in anonymous interviews deliver a better candidate experience and uncover highly qualified applicants. 

Please note that there are risks associated with AEDT, but we do recognize that it can be leveraged and should be done so responsibly. Read more about it in our eBook.

4. Enhanced Onboarding Experience

Employer brand perception is more visible than ever with social media and sites like Glassdoor, making the first impression during the onboarding phase a critical interaction with your new hires. Streamline onboarding workflows with AI and personalize the experience so new hires feel like a welcome addition to the team. 

Recruiting teams can use predictive algorithms and machine learning to determine the unique needs of new hires and cater to those needs in a way that doesn’t disrupt business operations but also invites seamless integration into the team. 

5. Optimized Job Advertisements

Sourcing talent is a multichannel endeavor, and recruiting solutions need to be able to handle multiple job postings with varying job descriptions without sacrificing the quality of hire. An AI-powered platform can make it easy to manage job openings from a unified platform. 

Additionally, AI and machine learning capabilities analyze trends and metrics to develop reports highlighting the success rates of various job ads. These reports enable managers to create actionable insights and recommendations to better reach candidate attention. 

Plus, identify the outreach channels that perform the best and allocate resources to reduce wasted spending. After all, recruiting can cost upwards of three times an employee’s salary, and that’s just the monetary costs, not including the impact on the team, business leaders, or customers. 

6. Chatbots for Real-Time Candidate Engagement

ChatGPT is just the latest example of the power generative AI can bring to an organization. Chatbots are a staple for websites, and they help candidates engage with organizations in many ways, including:

  • Answering questions 

  • Scheduling interviews 

  • Providing timely feedback

  • Assisting with the application process

  • Streamline onboarding

AI tools and software improve the candidate experience and streamline several stages of the recruitment process. Wherever there are manual and repetitive tasks, there are AI-powered recruitment tools that can eliminate the extra work and free human resources professionals to work on other impactful functions.

Gem’s AI-driven platform uses the latest technology that highlights what’s possible with generative AI in recruiting. When you partner with Gem, you can take advantage of AI features, such as:

  • Maximum outreach with personalized responses and scalability

  • Robust datasets for relevant recommendations and actionable insights

  • Ethically deployed AI that complies with regulations

  • Trustworthy assistance that leaves final hiring decisions to human decision-makers

Gem’s unified real-time dashboard prevents siloing by bringing every candidate touchpoint together. Request a demo to see Gem’s platform in action and learn more about how AI can optimize your talent acquisition process. 

Upgrade Your Recruitment with AI

Artificial intelligence isn’t a new concept, and it is an essential component of the modern company’s recruiting strategy. From sourcing potential candidates to automating interaction, the number of tasks AI can help complete grows each year. 

While AI is able to handle more, it will never replace the final hiring decision that managers make. Instead, it provides a data-based position for stakeholders to make decisions and hire the best candidates possible. 

Discover how cutting-edge AI tools can revolutionize your talent acquisition process by investing in Gem’s all-in-one recurring software. Partner with Gem and unlock a deeper talent pool filled with qualified candidates ready to interact with your business. 

Looking to get started with AI recruiting? Check out Gem’s AI recruiting guide e-book to learn how to get started today!


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