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Introducing Gem Career Sites, powered by HappyDance

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Vanlizza Chau

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May 2, 2024

Companies are drowning in inbound applications. So what? Amidst the hype of inbound interest, talent acquisition teams are struggling to find the needle in the haystack – lacking the resources to effectively capture more of the right talent, nurture top prospects to apply, and more. Naturally, TA teams are looking to their career site to optimize their inbound funnel, however, traditional career site solutions are causing more headaches than good. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Gem Career Sites. Powered by HappyDance’s world-class technology and fully integrated with Gem’s powerful CRM, Gem Career Sites is purpose-built to help TA teams captivate and convert top talent with unparalleled simplicity, precision, and speed. 

In this post, we’ll cover:

  • The power of a compelling career site

  • Gem’s new partnership with HappyDance

  • How Gem Career Sites are different 

  • How to learn more & request a demo

The power of a compelling career site 

Your career site is the front door to your employer brand. Investing in a beautiful, stand-out career site is also the key to staying competitive. It’s why 94% of candidates say they’re more likely to apply, and why companies with positive brands receive twice as many applications compared to those with negative brands.

Unfortunately, traditional solutions have made it near-impossible for TA teams to turn their career site into an inbound engine, primarily due to:

  • Legacy tools owned by other departments like IT, Marketing, or expensive agencies that require back-and-forth to make changes or troubleshoot 

  • Rigid, one-size-fits-all templates that limit employer branding

  • Cumbersome application processes that damage candidate experiences

  • Weak integrations with critical TA solutions like the ATS, CRM, and talent marketing tools that result in context-switching and incomplete data about their career site candidates 

Career Sites | The Pain & Solution

Gem Career Sites, powered by HappyDance 

Career sites should be easy to manage, beautiful to experience, and seamless to integrate with the TA tools you love. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Gem Career Sites, powered by HappyDance’s award-winning career site platform. No more old-school ATS career pages, brand-breaking templates, brutal application processes, or incomplete candidate context. Just stunning career sites – fully integrated with Gem’s powerful suite of TA solutions – that captivate the best talent, unify candidate context, and empower more proactive engagements.

“Joining forces with HappyDance aligns perfectly with our mission to help companies build great teams. By integrating Gem's powerful CRM and HappyDance's world-class career sites, we're offering a game-changing solution that empowers TA teams to attract the right talent, nurture folks who aren’t ready to apply, and leverage full-funnel analytics to optimize career site performance.”

Steve Bartel

Steve Bartel

CEO & Co-Founder

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Career Sites Designs

Joint customers can now attract and engage top talent faster than ever before with a connected solution that shows them exactly who’s applying, and how they’re moving through the funnel, and surfaces all the context and top-of-funnel metrics they need to nurture them to hire. 

"We’re thrilled to be partnering with Gem to accelerate time-to-value for our customers. Our partnership brings together the best of both worlds – HappyDance's intuitive CMS and design expertise coupled with Gem's robust analytics and seamless integrations. Together, we're empowering recruiters with the tools and insights they need to optimize their talent acquisition strategies and drive meaningful results."

Jim Taylor | HappyDance | Managing Director

Jim Taylor

Managing Director

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How Gem Career Sites are different

Powered by HappyDance’s world-class platform, Gem Career Sites are:

Built for TA teams so you can stop relying on Marketing and IT.

Make changes on your own time with HappyDance’s intuitive content management system (CMS) and optimize outreach at every step of the process with Gem’s easy-to-use platform. 

Career Sites Page Builder

Integrated with a powerful suite of talent marketing solutions.

Don’t lose top-tier prospects that aren’t yet ready to apply. Effortlessly capture and nurture prospects from your career site with Gem’s talent communities, events, and branded marketing campaigns.

Career Sites + Talent Marketing

Connected with a robust CRM and your ATS to unify applicant context.

Gem Career Sites are seamlessly integrated with Gem's robust CRM and two-way, deep ATS syncs that provide TA teams with comprehensive insights and unified context on every applicant throughout the recruitment process.

CRM + Career Sites Profile

Powered by real data that drives real results.

Track and report on applicant journeys from application to hire with ease. Leverage out-of-the-box dashboards, content graders, and pipeline analytics to optimize your career site performance and every step of the candidate process.

Career Sites Dashboard

How to Learn More

Ready to elevate your hiring game? Visit our website to learn more about Gem Career Sites, reach out to your customer success manager, or request a demo today! 


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