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Rediscover & re-engage silver medalists with Gem

Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

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January 14, 2022

You screen 200 resumes, conduct 40 phone screens, coordinate and manage the process for 20 candidates, and finally get down to 5 amazingly talented people…  all for just one job opening. One of them gets the job, and the other 4 silver medalists walk away. Unless you have the memory of an elephant or enjoy digging through your inbox at regular intervals, it’s likely you’ll forget about them over time… and they’ll forget about you. 

But turnover happens, and teams grow. And you’ve already done the work of cultivating relationships with those 4 silver medalists. So why wouldn’t you keep in touch with them in case a new opportunity arises? Or consider this: what if your colleague had a stellar candidate that didn’t get hired last month, but would be perfect for your currently-open job req? Why shouldn’t you be able to pick up the conversation without losing any historical context? 

Over the past few months, our team has been hard at work converting these “what-if” scenarios into “how-tos.” Today, Gem is proud to introduce Candidate Rediscovery. With Candidate Rediscovery, recruiters can search, organize, and re-engage past candidates from your CRM and ATS so they can build custom high-quality talent pools and maintain warm relationships with silver medalists. With this latest update, Gem operates as the central hub for prospecting talent.

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Accelerate hiring & reduce cost

Our customers have often told us that there are tons of qualified candidates in their ATS but they struggle to re-engage them. Oftentimes searching within the ATS can be a chore, candidate profile data may be outdated, and past conversations may be lost—or not even logged to begin with. As a result, the investment that went into sourcing and recruiting silver medalists often goes to waste.

With Candidate Rediscovery, recruiters can drive higher & faster conversions, for less. After all, former candidates have already shown interest in joining your organization. By filtering for silver medalists, recruiters can quickly fill pipelines with quality candidates within minutes. This saves hours otherwise spent sourcing, as well as the hefty fees that come with posting on job boards or engaging RPOs and search firms.

So before you send another cold outreach email, pay for job boards, or hire an agency, start your talent search from your own internal database!

Search & engage from your backyard

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Candidate Rediscovery allows recruiting teams to take advantage of the talent database they already have at their disposal. Users can search across their ATS and CRM profiles, filtering by stage reached, rejection reason, source, DEI attributes, interview feedback, and more! This allows recruiters to find candidates that match the required criteria, organize them into their CRM, and set up sequences that they already know & love with Gem. As one of our beta customers puts it, “I love how you’re able to filter on responses in scorecards because that’s literally the definition of a silver medalist.”

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As an added bonus, Gem automatically surfaces potential duplicates so you can avoid duplicates and redundancies in your CRM.

Pick up conversations where they left off

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Recruiters have hundreds of conversations every week, and it’s simply not possible to remember every detail of past interactions. On the other hand, a recruiter may discover a former candidate in their ATS that they didn’t recruit personally, but want to speak to for a role that might be a good fit. In these circumstances, it’s often useful to know the candidate’s history with the organization—the conversations they had, what they said mattered to them, how they performed in interviews, and so on. 

Gem’s prospect profiles keep track of prior correspondence so recruiters can quickly get a download of when the last conversation took place while also double-checking to see if someone has already reached out. Users can also review previous scorecard feedback to determine if the candidate would be a good fit. In addition, Gem refreshes data for tens of thousands of candidate profiles every day. With these capabilities, recruiters can confidently re-engage with all the context they need and be up-to-speed on the latest with their prospects.

What’s Next

Candidate Rediscovery is currently available to customers who use Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, Workday, and Lever ATSes, and we are quickly expanding to other popular ATSes within our customer community. 

If you’re a Gem customer and want to use Candidate Rediscovery, contact your customer success manager today!

If you’re interested in Candidate Rediscovery for your organization and want us to prioritize the ATS you use today, get in touch with a member of our team to learn more. 


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