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Gem’s Talent CRM: your true source of truth for talent relationships | Solution brief

Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

Product Marketing

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June 4, 2023

Gem’s vision for recruiting CRM as the true source of truth for talent relationships is founded on the idea that a well-built recruiting CRM is a game-changer for organizations. Building talent networks and maintaining warm relationships clear several obstacles and save costs in finding qualified talent down the line. And encouraging talent to apply to your organization becomes much easier when you already have relationships with them. Since 73% of job-seekers are seeking jobs passively, maintaining warm relationships with passive talent is the best way to build a quality pipeline for open roles.

Gem’s Talent CRM unifies data from the daily recruiting tools talent teams use, like emails, applicant tracking systems, LinkedIn, calendars, and other social networks. With Gem, teams juggle fewer tools, dynamically maintain talent pools with ease, and build authentic relationships with passive & active talent.

Gem Talent CRM

Get the Context You Need, Right Where You Work

New Extensionss

Recruiters can access their organization's entire relationship history with candidates wherever they are. Whether in their email, LinkedIn, or even the ATS, the Gem extension will pop up and pull up the most recent communication touchpoints, past job applications, scheduled calls, and more.

“With Gem, our sourcers can immediately see the whole history of that person’s interactions with our team... [That visibility] not only tells them who they can reach out to, it also gives context to their outreach.”

Jay Patel | Lyft

Jay Patel

Former Technical Sourcing Manager at Lyft

Lyft | Customer Logo

Build a Personal Connection with a Complete Picture of a Candidate

Candidate's First Profile

With robust integrations across popular recruiting tools, Gem creates enriched profiles of passive and active talent in your CRM, giving you a complete picture of a candidate. Recruiters can track career trajectories, stay up to date on the latest developments, and uncover any past relationships with your organization (from other recruiters, jobs, etc.). Gem also refreshes every LinkedIn profile monthly, giving your team confidence that the information they see is current and relevant. Talent teams use Gem to engage passive talent with a more personalized touch, leveraging the unique insights they have access to with Gem. 

Pro-Tip: Want to elevate your talent brand & nurture strategy? With Gem, you can define rules that automatically engage prospects when they achieve certain milestones (e.g., graduated college, work anniversaries, location change, etc.)

Dynamically Maintain Your CRM and Talent Pools

Dynamic Pool Rules

Any new ATS candidate you view on LinkedIn, email, or ATS is automatically imported into your CRM. Teams can also bulk-upload and parse resumes, giving them an easy way to build a deep and comprehensive talent database.

Gem also helps you keep your CRM organized. With the latest talent pool automations, you can define rules that route new prospects into specific talent pools. Want to build a talent pool of product managers in New York? The next time someone with that criteria is added to Gem (either manually, automatically, or as part of a bulk upload), they will automatically be routed to your talent pool. Or, if a product manager living in San Francisco recently moved to New York, Gem’s data refresh will reflect that change and then route them to your talent pool! 

“Any passive candidate I talk to I can move into a project in Gem and stay in touch with them. Maybe they’re not a good fit now or maybe they’re not interested yet; but 12 to 18 months later, if we have the same opening I’m not sourcing from scratch.”

Blake Thiess | Prestige Care

Blake Thiess

Director of Talent Acquisition

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Rediscover and Re-engage Silver Medalists

With Candidate Rediscovery, teams can search and re-engage past candidates from their CRM and ATS to build custom high-quality talent pools and maintain warm relationships with silver medalists. Aggregated data from our customer base demonstrates that rediscovered candidates [past ATS candidates in the CRM] are 20% more likely to respond to outreach, giving you an edge in finding pre-qualified talent. 

“Recruiters are using Candidate Rediscovery to find candidates we’ve already built relationships with, who are vetted, diverse, and likely to move through our funnel more quickly than cold-sourced talent is.”

Josh Salazar | Gusto

Josh Salazar

People Operations at Gusto

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Our customers have seen tremendous success investing in Gem to build their talent CRM and network. Aggregated data from our customers show that: 

  • Our customers' CRM databases have grown on average by 50% when they use Gem's robust ATS integration

  • Gem’s talent profile data accuracy is at 90+% when it comes to mapping candidates to their current job and company

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