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Why we’re excited to acquire InterviewPlanner: the intelligent scheduling platform

Steve Bartel

Steve Bartel

CEO and Co-Founder

Posted on

May 21, 2024

Today, we welcome InterviewPlanner to Gem. We acquired InterviewPlanner’s intelligent scheduling automation to help teams fast-track hiring and deliver exceptional candidate experiences. With this new addition, we bring powerful scheduling automation to the rest of Gem’s AI-powered platform, which includes  CRM, ATS, Sourcing, Talent Marketing, Career Sites, Scheduling, Full-Funnel Analytics, and more. 

Our new offering, Gem Scheduling, is natively integrated into the Gem ecosystem and allows recruiters to schedule interviews in the same interface where they source talent, review applicants, manage candidates, and more. Gem Scheduling is available immediately for companies using Gem ATS, Greenhouse, and Lever. Gem Scheduling will also be available for Workday in the coming months, followed by other ATSs like SuccessFactors, iCIMs, and SmartRecruiters.

In this post, we’ll cover all the details:

“We’ve always been fans of Gem from afar. By joining forces with them, we'll be able to deliver even more value to companies around the world as they look to build their future TA function”

Robin Joseph | InterviewPlanner

Robin Joseph

Co-Founder at InterviewPlanner

“Combining our efforts and innovations was a no-brainer. We both prioritize the customer experience above everything else. I’m excited to partner with Gem to help our customers hire faster and more efficiently”

Pallavi Delgado

Pallavi Delgado

Co-Founder at InterviewPlanner

Gem Scheduling: working better together with the rest of the platform

With tighter budgets and reduced headcounts, talent acquisition teams are constantly being asked to do more with less. This dynamic has driven many TA teams to look for opportunities to consolidate their tech stack, ditching the siloed and expensive point solutions in favor of broader platforms that offer more functionality at a fraction of the cost.

Integrated natively into our end-to-end platform, Gem Scheduling equips talent organizations to: 

  • Consolidate and save: Gem customers can save 50%  on the cost of their standalone scheduling solution by switching to Gem’s end-to-end bundle, which also includes industry-leading CRM, ATS, Sourcing, Talent Marketing, Career Sites, Scheduling, Full-Funnel Analytics, and more

  • Maximize recruiter productivity: Unlike basic ATS scheduling tools, Gem Scheduling comes with intelligent capabilities that automatically account for time zones, load management, and conflicts. Recruiters using Gem can schedule twice as many interviews as before.

  • Accelerate hiring: With workflow templates, SLA alerts, interviewer analytics, and more, Gem makes scheduling quick and easy for hiring teams. Customers have reduced the time from apply-to-first interview by 52%, resulting in an overall reduction of 25% in time-to-hire.

How Gem Scheduling helps teams hire with remarkable speed and efficiency

Automatically optimize interview schedules 

Gem Scheduling eliminates the manual work of finding the right time slots that work for everyone. Our intelligent automation accounts for interview availability, candidate availability, time zones, load management, interview focus areas, and more to create the perfect schedule. Customers using Gem Scheduling have reduced the time it takes to schedule panel interviews from 30 minutes to just 2.

Optimized Scheduling

“[Gem Scheduling] is super intuitive to use. It has proven to be absolutely crucial in scaling our company during a high-growth phase. We doubled the interviews scheduled from the year prior.”

Paulina Sry Head of People Ops Quantco

Paulina Srey

Head of People Operations

Quantco logo

Consistently deliver seamless candidate experiences

60% of candidates have a poor recruiting experience. Interviews are often scheduled at inconvenient times or fail to consider their preferences and conflicts. Other times, the generic, automated emails they receive from scheduling tools can be easily overlooked or sent directly to Spam. Gem Scheduling allows candidates to submit their availability and self-schedule while consistently delivering branded communication. Customers using Gem Scheduling experience a 28% increase in candidate availability received.

Scheduling Candidate Experience

“[Gem Scheduling] has been life-changing. Other recruiting tools have paled in comparison. Its seamless integration and efficiency have transformed our hiring process, saving time and enhancing the candidate experience.”

Sara Ali Technical Recruiter at High Touch

Sara Ali

Senior Technical Recruiter

Hightouch logo

Make scheduling quick & easy for hiring teams

Interviewers and hiring managers also yearn for a simpler experience. However, reschedules, cancellations, and interviewer swaps make it difficult for recruiters and coordinators to stay on top of all the changes while manually updating invites, emails, and debriefs. With Gem Scheduling, recruiters use workflow templates, automated alerts, analytics, rescheduling automation, and more to remove friction and avoid mishaps. Did the interview panel get reshuffled? No problem,  the auto-created Slack channel for internal collaboration will automatically adjust the members, and the debrief event will update the attendees.

Gem Scheduling Workflows

"Automation and efficiency are at the core of every great candidate experience. [Gem Scheduling] supercharges your team's capabilities in the flip of a switch."

Jamey Iaccino

Jamey Iaccino

Operations Staff

Inceptive logo

Expand your interviewer pool with easy, effective training

As your hiring goals grow, you need more interviewers. With Gem Scheduling, you can build programs directly into the scheduling process, so interview trainees can immediately start learning via shadow and reverse shadow sessions.

Gem Scheduling Interview Training

Gem Scheduling vs other solutions

In today’s TA tech landscape, several scheduling solutions exist. While every solution has its own unique pros and cons, there are general patterns among ATS-native scheduling and standalone point solutions. 

ATS scheduling: manual and limited scalability

For most ATSs, the scheduling functionality leaves a lot to be desired.  The workflow is a manual process requiring recruiters to scan multiple calendars while simultaneously remembering every interviewer’s and candidate’s preferences. While such capabilities can be manageable for low-volume hiring, these processes begin to break as teams need to hire at scale. Gem Scheduling offers powerful scheduling automation and intelligent recommendations to remove this burden from recruiters even as their teams grow.

Standalone scheduling solutions: costly and disconnected

Standalone scheduling solutions offer best-in-class functionality, but they come at exorbitant costs and require your team to add yet another tool, forcing more context-switching between systems. Gem Scheduling brings that same best-in-class functionality TA teams crave, but at a fraction of the cost. And because recruiting teams use Gem for all their other recruiting needs, our scheduling features are a seamless part of their existing workflows.

Gem Scheduling vs Competitors

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