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Unveiling Gem's next-gen AI recruiting suite
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AI Recruiting Suite 2024 Pre-Announcement Banner

Invest in a solution that delivers faster returns for your business

Gem “just works” with the tools recruiters use every day which is why teams prefer Gem when it comes to driving user adoption and delivering results.

Updated Integrations

Trusted by 1,200+ talent acquisition teams

Reach more, faster

Automate your outreach at scale and optimize based on your results.

Skip the guesswork

Save time and keep everyone aligned with our ready-to-use dashboard templates.

Work where you are

Gem meets teams where they are without disrupting their existing workflows. It's why our users voted Gem for G2's Highest Satisfaction Products Award for 2022


Get your team ramped up in weeks, not months

Gem’s turn-key integrations, self-stage mapper, and onboarding process enable customers to seamlessly implement Gem and get started ASAP.

Gem for Enterprise

Drive results with a solution that recruiters will love and adopt

Recruiters love Gem because it delivers real impact with minimal change management (see how users rate Gem). You can see for yourself with a free proof of value (POV) of the Gem platform. Get in touch today to request a POV.

Gem Awards

Consolidate your inbound and outbound recruiting tools

Gem enables teams to find and attract great talent, review inbound applications at speed, and manage candidates, all from one place.

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Automate workflows to do more with less

Set reminders, schedule follow-ups and send weekly reports, without the manual work.

Automate follow-ups and reminders

“Immediately we saw that Gem could replace a lot of the products we were using. It was easily one of the better products I’d seen in terms of streamlining manual work: searching for phone numbers, emails, social media sites.”

Joe Gillespie | Robinhood
Joe GillespieHead of Tech Recruiting
Robinhood | Customer Logo
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“I saw what the benefits would be if the team learned to take advantage of it. So at any point, an eng manager with an open req can go into Gem, source their own candidates, and send their own pre-built sequences. A lot of managers have gotten very sophisticated with their sequences over time.”

Arquay Harris
Arquay HarrisVP of Engineering
Webflow | Customer Logo
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“We ran a free trial and the team immediately loved it. Our sourcers were thrilled about things like send-on-behalf-of and Rules of Engagement. For me, the priority was automating their workflows. And I just saw productivity increase. So at that point, it was a no-brainer.”

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Angela MillerSenior Director of Global Talent Acquistion and Ops
Pure Storage | Customer Logo
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