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Gem scores in G2’s best software awards of 2022

Lauren Shufran

Lauren Shufran

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March 8, 2022

We’re delighted to announce that Gem has once again been recognized by G2—the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace—as a leader in the Best Software Awards. As G2 says, “only software that provides exceptional value and creates community climbs the Best Software ranks.” Gem scored particularly high in its “Highest Satisfaction Products” category this year—a category earned by software products that leave the most positive impact on their users.‍

G2 highest satisfaction

Last year, we were pleased to be recognized as a recruiting automation leader by G2, ranking 8th out of 181 contenders in the recruiting automation space. Gem’s customer reviews put us in the “Leader” quadrant for recruiting automation software (alongside companies with longer market presences such as LinkedIn, Hired, SmartRecruiters, Hirteual, and SAP SuccessFactors) and the “High Performer” quadrant for candidate relationship management

As we continue to grow and iterate on our product, our ears are wide open to our customers, their pain points, their needs and expectations of what a product that supports all their hiring workflows can offer them. Which is why this “Highest Satisfaction” ranking feels so affirming: it reminds us that our decision to hold customer-centricity as a core value from the beginning was exactly the right instinct. We’re honored and excited that our customers, collectively, have given us a 4.8 out of 5 stars—because G2 informs so many B2B buying decisions, yes; but also because it validates our decision to consistently put our customers’ needs above our own ideas about what our product should do.

Gem G2 stars

‍“The G2 awards are one measurement—and an important one—of how well our decision to remain customer-centric has served not only ourselves, but also each one of our users,” says Gem’s co-founder and CEO, Steve Bartel. “Over the last few years, the recruiting space has become more exciting than ever; talent acquisition teams are facing difficulties of a kind they’ve never faced before, alongside their accompanying joys. Every conversation I have with a customer or prospect, I’m learning something new about how we can help empower talent acquisition in this ever-evolving space. That’s what drives us, every day.”‍

Gem user ratings

The above-average ratings our customers give us inspire us to stay rigorous in listening to their needs and building in kind. We know that’s one of our biggest differentiators; and we’re grateful to you—our customers—for holding us to it. As for us at Gem, we’re headed back to work… but in the meantime, here are some of our favorite reviews, verbatim, from our customers. (If you want to read more, you can find all our reviews here):

I love Gem!” 

“Seamlessly automate sourcing efforts and help to build diverse pipelines! Great interface, love the UI and the customer support from our reps. I've used Gem at 2 companies.

I am quickly able to reach out to candidates through Gem software and organize my projects. I love that Gem automates my outreach where I can set it and forget it.

They also have a great talent pipeline tool where you can see all active candidates in the pipeline.

Great forecasting ability with the forecasting tool - great for volume hiring where you can work backward through a pipeline to see how many candidates need to go through each stage for a hire.”

- Heather R., Recruiter, enterprise org

A fantastic, comprehensive CRM and Data Analytics platform” 

“Gem is such an amazing tool for candidate outreach and pipeline analytics. Our recruiting team uses their sequencing tool on a daily basis, as well as their Talent Pipeline feature which allows the team to easily visualize pipelines and keep them clean. 

Gem consistently helps us automate candidate outreach, and helps to improve candidate response rates. Once our recruiters set up a sequence, it can be set up to automatically send a series of emails to candidates and will track click rates and response rates. We have improved our candidate response rate significantly since prior to this we were only using InMail outreach. We are also using the Gem analytics platform, which allows us to build custom dashboards and easily pull numbers that might be a bit cumbersome to pull with our ATS alone.”

- Jamie L., TA Manager, mid-market org

I already tell everyone I know about Gem” 

“Automated, More Affordable and best of all it works intuitively.

Lower time and cost to hire, automated boolean collaboration between Gem and Greenhouse makes the workflow more accessible and intuitive. Integrated with Gmail so every email reply is tracked to a profile, so I don't have to go searching my desktop for a profile or resume.”

- Chris C., mid-market org

Literally a GEM for our recruiting efforts” 

“We're moving incredibly fast as our start-up has huge headcount goals to reach. Gem has created a platform that has made us more efficient and given us the speed we need in our outreach efforts. The guardrails it provides to ensure we're not double-tapping prospective candidates through our entire org is a lifesaver!”

- Jason S., Recruiter, mid-market org

Game changer for workflows + time saver!” 

“I love Gem's capabilities to save me valuable time for sending sequences to candidates. In addition, the option to use the feature where you can reach out as a hiring manager is a game changer.

Solving problems by ensuring we are using high touch with candidates and making certain we note if they have connected with someone from our org before.”

- Jen S., Executive Recruiter, enterprise org

Super Productive Sourcing Outreach Tool!

“I love how easy and organized Gem is to use. As a sourcer that deals with high volume each day, Gem makes it easier to create sequences. I never have to remember to send follow up emails or reminders. It has saved me so much time and effort, allowing me more time to source :)

Gem has many unique and interesting reports to look into, which helps us become better at our jobs each day. By looking at data, we can use it to improve our efforts or plan for future outreach goals.”

- Neda B., Technical Sourcer, mid-market org


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