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Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

Product Marketing

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June 4, 2023

Now more than ever, finding and hiring talent is an ongoing struggle—even for the world’s best brands. The looming “Great Resignation,” coupled with the urgency to build a more diverse workplace, presents a challenge for companies to actively engage and attract candidates that will drive their next wave of growth. With fierce competition across expanding talent pools and many candidates not actively applying, how do you stand out from the crowd? Gem can help you turn this challenge into a “Great Attraction” by providing deep, data-driven insights into your hiring process along with personalized candidate engagement at scale. Here’s the unique business value Gem can provide your team:

Optimize your hiring process for faster time-to-hire

20% Reduction of Time-to-Hire

Delays in the interview process are one of the biggest reasons top talent drops out to accept offers elsewhere. Gem provides detailed insights into the health of your hiring funnel, informing recruiters and hiring managers when debugging or optimization is needed. Move from reactive to proactive pipeline management to stop stellar candidates from accepting competitive offers and onboard them to revenue-driving activity sooner.

Forecast hiring’s impact on business goals

Failed Launch Due to Lack of Staff

Without detailed pipeline insights, teams often find it impossible to have an accurate view of how hiring targets will impact business objectives. Gem analyzes historical data patterns and marries them with the current health of your pipeline. With this intelligence, teams know where to put their resources, how to set goals, and how to effectively track how they’re trending. Your Head of Talent can now bring data to your CFO, and your execs will have an at-a-glance overview of everything they need to know about where recruiting stands.

“Last year our average time-to-fill was 75 days. We set a goal for 70 days in 2020; and thanks to Gem, we’ve been at 65 or lower all year. That’s a 10-day drop in time-to-fill, because we now understand our baseline metrics and can identify opportunities to optimize.”

Emily Russell | Unity

Emily Russell

Senior Global Data Analyst for Recruiting

Nurture relationships to hire top talent

Nurtured Talent Hired 2x Over Inbound

Managing long-term relationships with talent is an extremely time-consuming process and many organizations struggle to prioritize this approach across their teams. Gem helps you improve your talent relationships with personalization at scale, statistically biasing your hiring outcome toward a higher caliber of talent. Nurturing that talent over the long-term gives you an easier path to onboarding top talent when you need them most, in a way that aligns with your values, adds to your culture, and drives enormous value for your business.

De-bias your hiring process

Interview to Onsite

Recruiting teams often don’t have detailed visibility into the diversity of their pipeline. With Gem, you can report on candidate gender and race/ethnicity from first outreach to hire. Shed light on whether teams are reaching out to diverse talent pools, detect whether email outreach is inadvertently alienating underrepresented groups, reveal where systemic biases might show up as some demographics get stuck at certain funnel stages, and more.

Focus your recruiting team on strategic, revenue-generating work

4x Productivity

Recruiting teams are often hindered by manual tasks and a lack of purpose-built solutions to help them manage candidate relationships at scale. Gem’s automation capabilities ease the burden on your recruiting team and allow them to focus on higher-value tasks like strategic planning with business stakeholders, long-term talent nurture, DEI initiatives, and more.

“Nurturing is great behavior that I feel is overlooked in our industry. Gem has been a huge part of cultivating that for me. A lot of people send out three messages in their little drip campaign, and that’s it. But I believe wholeheartedly that this is a relationship whether they’re responding to you or not; you’ve got to keep cultivating it.”

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Technical Sourcing Lead

Plaid | Customer Logo

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