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How Gem supports talent operations

Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

Product Marketing

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June 4, 2023

At Gem, we know that the strongest recruiting teams—and the strongest Ops functions—run on data. The goal of Talent Operations is to give talent acquisition teams every competitive advantage in the battle for talent by creating best-in class processes and programs, eliminating inefficiencies, streamlining and scaling strategies, and optimizing outcomes.

None of this is possible without data. Numbers give recruiting teams an objective view of their efforts so they can figure out where their hiring pipelines are stuck or leaky, make quick mid-quarter pivots, forecast and capacity plan, and more. Gem gives Talent Operations all the data they need to inform their recruiting strategy. Add to this Gem’s automation and features like SLA indicators for both efficiency and collaboration, and you’ve got yourself a world-class team working in a single source of truth.

One Source of Truth

Work from one source of truth

  • Work alongside all your favorite tools like Linkedin, Gmail, Indeed, Github and Splash

  • Build and organize a robust CRM that comes with a complete candidate profile, enriched by your ATS, LinkedIn, and more

  • Market your brand and nurture long-term relationships

  • Source talent from all your favorite tools by automating targeted, multi-channel outreach

“Gem isn’t just a sourcing tool. It’s a tool to broadly buff your recruiting game in every aspect. We’ve got full-cycle recruiters using Gem right now. Our hiring managers have their hands in it.”

Josh Salazar | Gusto

Josh Salazar

People Operations

Gusto | Customer Logo

Boost operational efficiency

  • Personalize outreach at scale by automating targeted, multi-channel messaging

  • Use SLAs to set clear expectations for all stakeholders and flag reqs and candidates at risk of stagnation

  • Empower recruiters to visualize all their candidates in one view and take action from there

“Talent Pipeline reporting saves me at least an hour of time each week.”

Camille Schulz | Pendo

Camille Schulz


Pendo | Customer Logo
Talent Pipeline

“With Gem, we made our first hire within two months of signing the contract—and it was around 40% faster than the rest of our hires.”

Shannon Zwicker | Cockroach Labs

Shannon Zwicker

Manager, People Systems & Analytics

Cockroach Labs | Customer Logo

Unlock comprehensive full-funnel insights

Pipeline Forecasting
  • Surface data from Gem and your ATS for end-to-end visibility and deepen your analysis with customizable filters and breakdowns

  • Socialize metrics with presentation-ready dashboards

  • Forecast your hiring trajectory and anticipate the resources you need to meet new goals

  • Get full visibility into how your organization hires underrepresented talent and flag disproportionate drop-offs or biases

  • Evaluate your recruiting KPIs against customizable peer benchmarks

Pipeline Analytics

Our customers use these capabilities to review individual performance, compare teams across departments, monitor pipelines, debug workflows, evaluate diversity recruiting initiatives, and more.

Sales Development Representative (Closed)

“We’re striving to increase the representation of certain employee populations across teams, roles, and levels. Gem is not only informing those targets; it’s also helping us track how we’re trending in our diversity efforts.”

Josh Salazar | Gusto

Josh Salazar

People Operations

Gusto | Customer Logo

“I can see where individual bottlenecks are. If a recruiter is having 20 times more phone screens for a certain hiring manager, do they fully understand what they’re recruiting for? Does the hiring manager fully know what they need and if the market aligns with it?”

Joel Torres | Twilio

Joel Torres

Senior Recruiting Manager

Twilio | Customer Logo

“We don’t even necessarily have to use Gem’s analytics at the manager level, because Gem helps individual recruiters proactively understand their own performance.”

Dana Schafer | Grammarly

Dana Schafer

Recruiting Operations Manager

Grammarly | Customer Logo

“Gem essentially tells me how many hours of work we’ll have to put in to suffice a new headcount. As soon as you have that data, you know whether you’re under-resourced or not. So if I need to go to leadership and say, I need more sourcers if we’re really going to hire this many people, Gem has already made the argument for me.”

Carmen Coleman | Envoy

Carmen Coleman

Head of Business Recruiting

Envoy | Customer Logo

Empower your team to be data-fluent

  • Give people at all levels the ability to make data-driven decisions

  • Enable your recruiting teams and leaders to answer day-to-day questions on their own

Product Dashboard

“Recruiters are no longer speaking anecdotally; they’re speaking with data. So they can influence upper management in ways they may not have been able to before.”

Amber Hayes | Unity

Amber Hayes

VP of Talent Acquisition


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