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Our customers have hired over 5,000 passive candidates while using Gem. Learn how your team can source 4x faster, double response rates and manage relationships with passive talent.

hours/week saved, team-wide, in repetitive processes (an equivalent of 3.5 FTEs/year)
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“The most exciting thing about Gem to me is the night and day change in my Hiring Managers' activity... I've never before seen such a willingness to be strategic partners alongside our recruiters.”
Tido Carriero
Chief Product Officer
“Gem illuminates the bulk of work sourcers do before a candidate is officially deemed qualified and interested.”
Maisha Cannon
Manager, Global Talent Sourcing
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boost in productivity
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"I’m constantly using Gem to look for practices we can magnify and launch as best practices across the org."

Joel Torres
Lead Talent Sourcer
decrease in time to hire
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