Talent Analytics

The analytics suite for recruiting ops & strategy

Talent Analytics brings together data from Gem and your ATS so you can visualize the entire recruiting funnel, uncover insights, optimize results, and report on strategic outcomes.

Funnel analytics

Track everything from initial outreach to hire, gathering real-time insights on how candidates enter and pass through every step of the recruiting journey.

Strategic planning

Forecast your hiring trajectory based on current pipelines and historical conversions so you know exactly what you need to meet hiring goals.

Dashboards & reporting

Slice and dice your data to tailor the conversation with functional leaders and present your findings with executive-ready dashboards.

Diversity recruiting insights

Gain visibility into how candidates from different backgrounds enter and funnel through the process to uncover any disproportionate bottlenecks or drop-offs.

Make data easy

Easily pull data for all jobs in both Gem Sequences and your ATS without raising a support ticket.

Find what works

Pinpoint where the best candidates come from and identify strategies that drive top-of-funnel growth.

Debug your process

Double-click into drop-offs, bottlenecks, and offer rejection reasons to improve the experience.

Make reporting easy

Build, save, and share your most used reports and dashboards through our platform or even by email.

“Gem’s Pipeline Analytics answers some fundamental but crucial questions that I wouldn’t otherwise have visibility into. What does team activity look like? What are our best sources of hire? What do passthrough rates look like at every stage of the hiring funnel, for every role?”
Amber Hayes
Amber Hayes
VP Global Recruting
“I can look at the numbers as stark truth and work backwards from there… if I see a team that’s significantly moving the needle on diversity, I dig into what they’re doing.”
Joel Torres
Joel Torres
Lead Talent Sourcer
“Gem tells me how many hours of work we’ll have to put in to suffice a new headcount.. how many outreaches, how many phone screens, how many onsites, how many offers extended to get an offer-accept. As soon as you have that data, you know whether you’re under-resourced or not.”
Carmen Coleman
Carmen Coleman
Head of Business Recruiting
“I’m using Gem for a daily bird’s-eye view and to pull a weekly report for our exec team. I use Gem for all of our reporting—recruiter activity at the top of the funnel, passthrough rates, forecasting.”
Erica Law
Erica Law
Talent Manager

Features to power every talent acquisition team

Unlock prospect info with one click
And effortlessly create automated outreach and followups.
Maintain every candidate relationship
Nurture passive talent, manage events, and report on pipeline.
Manage and report on diversity hiring
Source and nurture diverse talent with auto diversity tracking.
  • Integrates directly with candidate databases
  • Automatically track all outreach
  • Team analytics and reporting
  • CSV import & export
  • Review candidates with hiring managers
  • Syncs with your Applicant Tracking System
  • Visualize and manage your talent pipeline
  • Send and automatically track InMail
  • Track diversity automatically
  • Know who on your team has reached out
  • Automatically follow up with email sequences
  • Premium email lookup and verification
  • Shared and private project management
  • Smart industry benchmarks and insights
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