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Use Gem as your all-in-one recruiting platform or enhance your existing ATS with integrated CRM, sourcing, scheduling, analytics, career sites, events, and more. See why Gem is the industry’s most beloved solution, with a 4.8/5 rating on G2.

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Unify your recruiting tech stack

Gem brings together candidate interactions from LinkedIn, email, the ATS, and more into a single view. Recruiters using Gem have all the context they need without switching tools. Our robust, two-way ATS integrations ensure that the data you see in Gem and your ATS are always in sync.

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Achieve outcome-driven recruitment

With tools for leaders, recruiters, sourcers, recruitment marketers, and recruiting operations, Gem helps your entire team drive results.

  • Build pipelines 5x faster by automating personalized outreach across multiple channels. Attract top talent with standout career sites, landing pages, and events. And nurture warm relationships through visually striking, branded email campaigns.

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Proactively build high-quality pipelines

Gem’s modern CRM collects and refreshes touch points across 50+ sourcing platforms,  ATSes, and communication channels so you can tap into your entire network to find the right talent faster.

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“Recruiters are using Candidate Rediscovery to find candidates we’ve already had touchpoints with – whom we’ve built relationships with – who are vetted, diverse, and likely to move through our funnel more quickly.”

Josh Salazar | Gusto
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Josh Salazar

People Operations at Gusto

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Consolidate your tech stack

For small and medium-sized businesses, Gem offers an all-in-one solution that covers all your end-to-end recruiting needs.

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"What sets Gem apart from other ATS vendors is its knack for simplicity. Its remarkably easy to use, ensuring our portfolio companies can hit the ground running with minimal learning curve."

Chris Ahsing Talent Partner at Dragonfly Avatar
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Chris Ahsing

Talent Partner

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Help recruiters to do more with less

Engage passive talent at scale, review inbound applications at record speed, and manage candidates with ease, all while strategically collaborating with hiring managers. It’s why 76% of recruiters say they save 1-3 hours per day with Gem.

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“Gem seems to have been built intentionally for sourcers and recruiters to not only become more efficient and optimize their top-of-funnel workflow, but also leverage data and make smarter decisions”

Joe Gillespie | Robinhood
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Joe Gillespie

Head of Tech Recruiting at Robinhood

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Effortlessly attract top-tier job seekers

Gem gives TA control of their employer brand and recruitment marketing strategy, from career sites and landing pages, to recruiting events, lead capture, and branded nurture campaigns.

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“With Gem, we're able to promote our brand and easily connect our talent to what inspires them most ... whether it's events, jobs or our talent community”

Alcida Litchfield | Pinterest
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Alcida Litchfield

Senior Talent Marketing & Insights Specialist at Pinterest

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Drive predictability and efficiency

Gem features a powerful two-way ATS integration and a user-friendly analytics interface that empower you to run a strategic recruiting team. Debug the funnel, forecast hiring, and demonstrate impact to business leaders.

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“Talent acquisition has even more credibility now because recruiters are no longer speaking anecdotally; they’re speaking with data.”

Amber Hayes | Unity
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Amber Hayes

VP of Global Recruiting at Unity Technologies

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Improve equity in the hiring process

Gem helps recruiters find and engage talent from underrepresented groups and delivers unparalleled visibility into pipeline diversity.

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“I’ll go into Gem and from there I can see, based on passthrough rates, which hiring managers need help balancing the gender equity on their respective teams… and I’m constantly using Gem to look for practices we can magnify.”

Joel Torres | Twilio
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Joel Torres

Lead Talent Sourcer at Twilio

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Enhance productivity with ethical AI

Gem uses generative artificial intelligence with its proprietary data to help recruiters find the best candidates, personalize communication at scale, and hire talent faster.

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“This is an industry with high turnover, so urgency is crucial. That’s why Gem has been such a dream tool to work with… Gem lets you personalize all of that at scale. But it’s not just a blanket, one-time reachout to as many people as possible; sequence stages are key… with Gem, all that’s automated; it’s out of my hands the moment I set it up. It’s like you get to work with the urgency without any of the anxiety.”

Blake Thiess | Prestige Care
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Blake Thiess

Director of Talent Acquisition at Prestige Care, Inc.

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