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Gem ATS progress report 1: first customers, growing waitlist

Jeff Beckham

Jeff Beckham

Head of Marketing

Posted on

October 5, 2023

Two weeks ago at Gem Talent Summit, we announced Gem ATS (watch the keynote | read the blog). The response and excitement have been overwhelming, so first, thank you!

Many of you asked to hear how things are coming along, so this post includes a quick progress report.

What’s the latest with Gem ATS?

  • Over 350 companies signed up for the waitlist within the first two weeks. If you haven’t yet, you can get in line for early access.

  • The first early-access customers onboarded this week. They're loving the product, and we’re adding new customers daily! For more details on our rollout plan, check out the ATS announcement.

  • We’re building for scale. We added Gem ATS to the same foundation as Gem CRM, which supports hundreds of millions of candidate records across thousands of customers. It also lets you do real-time reporting on large datasets.

  • Feedback has been strong on key features like scorecards, scheduling, application review, and overall recruiter experience. We’re continuing to optimize during the beta period to ensure it lives up to the standards you’ve come to expect from Gem.

We’ll keep sharing updates every few weeks, including customer testimonials. If you’re reading this, you most likely have an ATS already, so here’s a refresher on how Gem will be different.

Why Gem ATS?

1) Simplicity & usability

We’ve heard from so many of you that your ATS is clunky and you just don’t love it. We’re putting the recruiter experience first, just like with the rest of Gem, where 94% of users say the product improves their productivity. That means minimizing clicks, creating beautiful, intuitive user interfaces, and showing the right information at the right time – all without sacrificing configurability and scalability for sophisticated recruiting processes.

2) The best all-in-one hiring solution

An applicant tracking system is core infrastructure, like the foundation of your house. It has to be rock solid and scalable, but what makes the house great is everything on top of the foundation, like the kitchen and bedrooms. That’s where the other parts of Gem come in – our ATS will be part of a bundle that includes other best-in-class recruiting products like Sourcing, CRM, Talent Marketing, and Analytics that Gem is known for.

3) Speed of innovation

We’ve heard from many of you that other ATS providers aren’t innovating, and you feel stuck. Many are owned by private equity firms and focused on getting the most out of what’s already built rather than investing in product development. Others are part of much broader Finance or HR suites where the ATS is an afterthought. We encourage you to join our early access program and follow along to see how fast we move.

4) Scalability

Your ATS should never limit you. As you grow and your recruiting processes evolve, you need the flexibility to align your technology to how you work. Gem is designed to scale with you, offering workflow automation that empowers recruiters to efficiently manage high volumes of candidates. Our platform already handles the largest databases of candidate records, and our experienced support and services teams specialize in supporting the complex needs of large enterprise customers like Cintas, Cisco, and Wayfair.

If you’d like to learn more, we’d love to hear from you!

→ To join the ATS waitlist, sign up here.

→ To get a customized demo of the full Gem platform, request one here.


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