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ATS Progress Report 4: Gem ATS Is Out of Early Access

Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

Product Marketing

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February 13, 2024

Back in October, we announced Gem ATS (watch the keynote | read the blog). Many of you asked us to keep you updated on our product development, so this post serves as a quick progress report (see our past progress report).

We are continuing to onboard larger and more mature organizations so let us know if you want to hear more and help shape our roadmap!

In this post, we'll cover all the details

What’s the latest with Gem ATS?

  • Now out of early access: After working hand-in-hand with our early customers for the past few months, our team has built a robust all-in-one-hiring platform that can support fast-growing teams. 

  • Designed for growth: Gem ATS is ready to support small to midsize businesses scaling up to several hundred employees, featuring essential tools like native e-signature, interview scheduling, offer management, customizable scorecards, deep configurations, and more.

  • Uniquely Gem: By incorporating Gem's sourcing, CRM, and analytics into the ATS experience, we've introduced unique features and functionalities that you won't find anywhere else.

  • Successfully migrated customers: Data migrations can be scary and cumbersome. Fortunately, our team has built world-class capabilities and operations that have made transitioning from another ATS as seamless as possible.

Below is a more detailed overview of some of our key updates. If you’re interested in seeing Gem ATS in action, you can book a custom demo here.

And a special thanks to our friends at Excelity, Pulley, Upollo, ApartmentList, Alta-AI, and the 100+ customers who played a pivotal role in getting our ATS up to speed. 

How Gem ATS Works Better Together Gem CRM

One of the key benefits of Gem's all-in-one platform is that it brings our best-in-class sourcing, CRM, analytics, and talent marketing products into a single platform. This unified approach not only streamlines the recruitment process but also enables us to provide unique capabilities unmatched by our competitors. The list below is just the beginning. We’ll continue to add more unique capabilities that can only happen with Gem’s all-in-one.

  • Fast-track CRM candidates to the ATS: Gem users can bulk-add candidates from their CRM projects directly to a specific stage in the job process, without switching systems or screens

  • Auto-add ‘interested’ candidates from sequences to Jobs: When recruiters send mass messages to passive talent via Gem, any responses expressing interest trigger an automatic addition of these candidates to the relevant job, auto-magically

  • Searchable scorecard attributes: One distinctive advantage of Gem's Scorecards is their searchability within Gem. You can refine your search by filtering for past ATS candidates based on scorecard attributes. The next time you want to re-engage silver medalists, you can start by looking for the ones that received the strongest feedback!

  • Direct ATS rejection to talent nurture: Recruiters can instantly redirect rejected candidates to dedicated CRM talent pools for future opportunities, all with a single click (just like Gem App Review!)

  • Automatic profile refresh for non-hired candidates: A unique feature of Gem is automatic data refresh. The updated candidate profiles allow you to monitor the career progress of candidates who weren't hired, ensuring you never miss out on the opportunity to reconnect as their experience and roles evolve

  • Deeper, more complete reporting: with all your recruiting data housed in one system, Gem can report on your entire operation, without relying on APIs from other vendors. Accurate and up-to-date data is at your fingertips.

  • Eye-catching job portals: Customers can use Gem’s talent marketing capabilities to design beautiful, branded landing pages that not only showcase your brand & content but also host relevant job openings.

  • Reduce duplicate configurations: With your CRM and ATS under one roof, you just need to define your permissions and data retention rules once and rest easy knowing that access is consistent across the hiring process 

Grab a quick pulse of your jobs and pipeline

ATS Job summary image

Gem ATS starts by giving recruiters a comprehensive overview of all their open positions and candidate pipelines. With customizable views, recruiters can either sort candidates by job or switch to a more candidate-centric "table view." This spreadsheet-like view displays all candidates across various jobs in one place, organized by different criteria such as name, SLA status, and more.

Make interview scheduling a breeze

Interview Scheduling image

Gem simplifies interview scheduling tasks by syncing with your Google calendar, allowing for easy availability checks and calendar invites with pre-populated Zoom links (Outlook support coming soon!). The seamless coordination between Gem, your calendars, and video conferencing tools allows teams to efficiently manage interview plans and make adjustments without switching between systems.

Facilitate strategic collaboration with your hiring manager

ATS collaboration

One of Gem’s most beloved products, Talent Pipeline, is now a native part of Gem ATS. This interactive Kanban dashboard visualizes all candidates in the process with SLA status markers for easy tracking. Recruiters use Talent Pipeline to keep track of their candidates and share proactive updates with hiring managers, while also keeping them accountable to returning timely candidate responses.

Standardize interview feedback across roles

ATS Scorecard feedback

Gem's customizable scorecards and templates allow teams to ensure candidates are assessed on role-specific criteria. This functionality allows for consistency in assessment across different teams, promoting fairness and objectivity. By tailoring scorecard templates to each position, organizations can also focus on the specific skills and qualities necessary for success in each role 

Deliver offers with just a few clicks

e-sig ATS image

Gem's offer management capabilities streamline the hiring process by enabling the creation, editing, and sending of PDF offers directly to candidates for electronic signature, while also assigning company signatories. This feature removes the need for separate third-party e-signature platforms, helping teams reduce costs.

Post your job across 25,000+ job boards

ATS job board postings

As mentioned in our previous progress report, Gem allows teams to quickly distribute their jobs across multiple job boards like LinkedIn, Monster, and ZipRecruiter for maximum efficiency exposure. We’ve added additional enhancements to make the process even simpler.

What’s Next?

Looking ahead, we’re rapidly investing in product development to expand our capabilities for larger organizations. Over the coming months, we’re releasing features many of our customers are helping us build. These include:

  • More sophisticated scheduling capabilities like multi-day panels, intelligent recommendations, and more

  • Deeper offer management workflows and approval chains

  • HRIS integrations with the most popular systems amongst our customer base

  • AI-assisted job descriptions

  • Customizable candidate experience surveys and analytics

  • Referral workflows

From there, we're continuing to add more powerful, scalable capabilities for our customers.

→ If you're looking for a demo of Gem ATS, request one here.

→ If you're a startup, sign up to get started on our Free for Startups program


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