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Gem ATS Progress Report 3: Core Workflows, Migrations, and 100+ customers!

Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

Product Marketing

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January 17, 2024

UPDATE: Gem ATS is now out of Early Access! Learn more here.

Back in October, we announced that Gem is building an ATS (watch the keynote | read the blog). Many of you asked us to keep you updated on how things are coming along, so this post serves as a quick progress report (see our past progress report).

Beyond this progress report, we’re continuing to invest in product development so that our ATS can meet the needs of larger, more mature organizations later this year, and we’ll continue to scale from there!

What’s the latest with Gem ATS?

  • 100+ customers in less than 3 months: Getting started with a new ATS can be a process, so we expected some lag between release and initial use. We are pleasantly surprised to see such rapid adoption 😀

  • Migration & implementation: We successfully migrated our first few customers from their previous ATS, ensuring a smooth transition for their team

  • Integrated sourcing, CRM, talent marketing, and analytics: All our standalone Gem products are now a native part of the Gem ATS platform

  • Job board postings: Post your job to over 25,000 job boards, including LinkedIn, Monster, ZipRecruiter, etc. 

  • Customizable scorecards & templates: Create custom scorecards and templates to ensure standardized feedback across your teams. You can also search for candidates by scorecard attributes in Gem!

  • Offer management: Upload, edit, and send PDF offers to a candidate for e-signature and assign company signee(s)

Many of you may be wondering if it makes sense to use Gem ATS right away for your recruiting needs. Below is a detailed walkthrough of some of our latest updates. If you’re interested in getting started now you can book a custom demo here.

And a special thanks to our friends at Excelity, Pulley, Upollo, Alta-AI, and the 100+ customers who played a pivotal role in getting our ATS up to speed. 

Post your job across 25,000+ job boards

Gem ATS Job Postings

Distribute your jobs for maximum visibility or target specific talent marketplaces for niche roles. Gem lets you quickly select and post your openings across over 25,000 free and paid job boards, including major platforms like LinkedIn, Monster, and ZipRecruiter. 

Customize scorecards and templates

Gem ATS Scorecards

With Gem's Scorecards, recruiters can customize scorecards and templates to suit their unique hiring criteria. As a simple example, you can design questions like “Is the candidate proficient in Python?” with options for “Yes” or “No.” This customization allows standardization and flexibility in ensuring more uniform and objective candidate evaluations. 

⭐ One distinctive advantage of Gem's Scorecards is their search-ability within the Gem platform. You can refine your talent search by filtering for candidates based on scorecard attributes, enabling a more targeted rediscovery of past applicants and silver medalists.

Create and send offers to candidates for e-signature

Gem ATS Offer Management

Gem's offer management allows you to upload, edit, and send PDF offers directly to candidates for e-signature while assigning company signatories. This functionality meets the core needs of most ATS customers and eliminates the need for separate third-party e-signature tools, creating an opportunity to consolidate your tech stack.

What’s Next?

Looking ahead, we’re rapidly investing in product development to expand our capabilities for larger organizations. Over the coming months, we’re releasing features many of our early-access customers are helping us build. These include

  • Native interview scheduling, including candidate self-scheduling

  • Deeper offer management workflows

  • 1-click application flow

  • Auto-add candidates from outreach sequences and projects to a job

  • Customizable workflow templates and libraries

  • Referral workflows

We anticipate having an ATS ready for larger, more mature organizations later this year, and we’ll continue to scale from there!

→ If you're looking for a demo of Gem ATS, request one here.

→ If you're a startup, sign up to get started on our Free for Startups program


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