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Gem ATS progress report 2: now ready for startups and small businesses

Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

Product Marketing

Posted on

November 8, 2023

Back in October, we announced that Gem is building an ATS (watch the keynote | read the blog). Many of you asked us to keep you updated on how things are coming along, so this post includes a quick progress report.

The TL;DR? Gem ATS is available for startups and small businesses! A huge thank you to all our early access customers who helped us rapidly achieve this milestone!

And a special thanks to our friends, Chris Ahsing and Zackary Skelly at Dragonfly Capital, who played a pivotal role in getting our ATS up to speed. Check out what they had to say about Gem ATS!

What’s the latest with Gem ATS?

  • Gem ATS is now available to early-stage startups for free! All startups can sign up on our Free for Startups program for up to 2 years (rated top 15 on YC’s Startup Deals!)

  • Late stage startups and small businesses can also start using Gem ATS! Request a demo here

  • Not ready to switch ATSes yet? Join our waitlist, and we will let you know when Gem ATS is ready for you in the coming months (over 400 companies have signed up already!)

  • Over 30 customers set up a job req in Gem ATS less than 24 hours after our sof launch last week! Getting started with an ATS can be a process, so we expected some lag between release and initial use. We are pleasantly surprised to see such rapid adoption 😀

  • All our core, best-in-class products are now a native experience in Gem ATS. Our standalone products that customers already love, like Sourcing, CRM,  Talent Pipeline, App Review, and Talent Compass (analytics), are fully built into Gem ATS to give you the best all-in-one bundle.

  • We are continuing to focus on scale with capabilities like bulk workflows, customizable stages, and platform stability for large candidate databases. Take a look at the comments enclosed in asterisks (***) to see examples of how we're ensuring our ATS can scale with you as your company grows

Many of you may be wondering if it makes sense to use Gem ATS right away for your recruiting needs. Below is a detailed walkthrough of Gem ATS’ current capabilities. 

Get started with your job, team, and process

Jobs Table View

As you get started, you can create a job and assign a hiring team with specific permissions for each member. You can then define your hiring process with specific stages, interviews, and scorecards to drive consistency. As your company grows, you can create custom stages for each job, thereby ensuring every team is using the right recruiting process for them  (***how Gem is building for scale***).  Job postings can also be embedded on your company’s career site for easy discovery.

Visualize and manage candidates with ease

Talent Pipeline Kanban Board

In less than two months of our announcement, Gem ATS can already simplify your recruitment process from job creation to job closing. You can start with a quick summary of all your open jobs and pipelines. From there, you can then click into a job and see where candidates are in the process with an easy-to-view Kanban board, Talent Pipeline. Talent Pipeline uses distinct color-coding to show you which candidates need follow-ups based on SLA status, helping you ensure a positive candidate experience. A quick double-click on each candidate card shows you the latest updates and scorecards. And the drag-and-drop experience makes it easy for recruiters to take action.

Josh Salazar | Gusto

Josh Salazar

People Operations

Gusto | Customer Logo
Gusto | Customer Logo

“[Talent Pipeline] a great tone-setter for action items on the day; and it ensures there’s not a single candidate that ever falls through the cracks or gets stuck in a stage. We’re right there with them the whole way.”

Review inbound applications at record speed

Gem ATS also includes our best-in-class application review module, simplifying inbound reviews with fewer clicks, advanced filters, and visual profile highlights. The filters and bulk reject feature quickly weed out unqualified applicants in volume (***how Gem is building for scale***). The review portal surfaces the information recruiters want to know, like social profiles, past interactions, and previous applications. You can then enter specific skills and keywords and see them highlighted on the resume for faster decision-making. For candidates that do not advance, recruiters can reject silently, send a templated response, or direct them into dedicated talent pools for ongoing nurture, thereby ensuring a warm pipeline for future recruiting.

Christine Johny | FreshBooks

Christine Johny

Talent Acquisition Specialist

FreshBooks | Customer Logo
FreshBooks | Customer Logo

“Gem’s App Review has literally made the inbound process 100x better. It's so easy to filter out unqualified applications, and the resume keyword highlighting is a much-needed relief for my eyes.”

Automate sourcing to fill roles faster

Gem ATS also includes our award-winning sourcing functionality that has won the hearts and minds of recruiters who use Gem for passive talent outreach. Our AI-powered platform automates and personalizes candidate engagement across multiple channels, saving recruiters hours each day and improving productivity up to 5x. These automations and AI-assisted workflows are critical for our large enterprise customers, saving them time with manual tasks like email writing and follow-ups for hundreds of candidates at once (***how Gem is building for scale***).

Jay Patel | Lyft

Jay Patel

Former Technical Sourcing Manager

Lyft | Customer Logo
Lyft | Customer Logo

“That’s the great benefit of Gem: it’s essentially a multiplier. Once you have the ability to sequence the folks you’re reaching out to—to have a second, third, fourth email auto-send—you’re increasing productivity per resource considerably [and] have this enormous ROI.”

Organize your CRM to build deep pipelines

One of the biggest strengths of Gem’s all-in-one bundle is that it combines our best-in-class CRM with an ATS to create a powerful, end-to-end recruiting solution. Recruiters can visualize the entire candidate journey from hello to hire and use those insights to send the right message to the right candidate at the right time. Adding new candidates to your CRM and talent pools is as easy as 1-click, and there's no limit to adding candidates as our platform already handles hundreds of millions of candidate records across thousands of customers (***how Gem is building for scale***)

Optimize results with easy-to-use analytics

With your CRM and ATS under one roof, Gem gives you unparalleled visibility and analytics (Talent Compass) across your entire funnel. You can create visually digestible and informative dashboards, starting from our preset templates or building your own custom reports. Our customers use Talent Compass to monitor pipelines, identify cost-effective channels, and shed light on areas to speed up hiring. Moreover, our forecasting calculator helps TA teams set realistic expectations while giving their stakeholders a clear line of sight on progress.

"I’ve created dashboards in Gem that tell us what our projected hires are for each role. I share them with our Talent Development team so we can answer some critical questions: Do we have enough capacity to make those hires? What stage of the funnel will need the most attention from us? How much bandwidth will we need from the sourcing team?"

Mike Moriarty | Dropbox


Global Head of Engineering Recruiting

Dropbox | Customer Logo

What’s Next?

We’re rapidly investing in product development to expand our capabilities for larger organizations. We anticipate having an ATS ready for most midsize companies by early 2024, and we’ll continue to scale from there!

Over the coming months, we’re releasing features that many of our early-access customers are helping us build. These include:

  • Native e-signature

  • Native candidate self-scheduling

  • Deeper offer management workflows

  • Referral workflows

  • More scorecard customization

  • Job board integrations

  • Customizable workflow templates and libraries

If you’d like to learn more, we’d love to hear from you!

→ If you're startup, sign up to get started on our Free for Startups program

→ Not a startup or small business? Join the ATS waitlist

→ If you're looking for a demo of Gem's entire platform, request one here


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