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Attract top-tier job seekers with a cohesive, data-driven recruitment marketing strategy

Ani Sapru

Ani Sapru

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July 9, 2023

“Our very early wins with Gem were around content usage. It can take 18 touchpoints to land a candidate. Gem allowed us to be more strategic, which helped refine our employer brand strategy.”
Lori Busch, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at Toast

In a market where job growth is still surging, the competition for the best candidates continues to be fierce. Research from Deloitte has validated that a compelling mission and employer brand is the most important factor in attracting high-performing talent. 

Today, we are excited to announce the release of Gem Talent Marketing. Designed to give talent acquisition teams more control and consolidate the use of multiple tools, Gem Talent Marketing helps teams attract more high-quality talent into their pipelines. 

Putting Talent Acquisition in the driver’s seat

Today, many recruiting teams are hindered in their recruitment marketing efforts because their current process and products are cumbersome and poorly integrated. This disjointed experience creates unnecessary friction in designing compelling content while also creating gaps in candidate data as the information travels between systems. As a result, many teams cannot effectively promote their brand or accurately measure ROI. 

Gem Talent Marketing takes a different approach to ensure our customers never face those challenges.

“With Gem, we're able to promote our brand and easily connect our talent to what inspires them most ... whether it's events, jobs, or our talent community”
Alcida Litchfield, Senior Talent Marketing & Insights Specialist at Pinterest

No more chasing down marketing or IT

"Gem Talent Marketing has transformed how I build talent pipelines. I used to create multiple landing pages and forms for each event, but now I can easily replicate my landing page and use the same form across multiple events. Their automation feature lets me segment my audience using custom questions, creating persona-based lists, and revolutionizing my follow-up process with event leads and our talent community."
Erica Fisher, Senior Recruitment Marketing Events Manager at Twilio

Gem empowers talent acquisition teams with full control over their employer brand as a purpose-built solution for recruiters. With our user-friendly, no-code interface, recruiting teams can effortlessly design stunning career sites, landing pages, and campaigns while maintaining consistency with branding elements such as imagery, colors, fonts, and style. This ensures alignment with marketing expectations while enabling teams to work swiftly and independently. Our customers like Twilio experienced the joy of saying goodbye to ticket requests and constant reminders, and embracing the freedom to create compelling content on their terms!

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Consolidate multiple tools to do more with less

“Gem’s Talent Marketing has significantly improved our recruitment event process, enabling us to create an exceptional candidate experience and attract top-tier talent. This tool has played a vital role in optimizing our recruitment event efforts and elevating our talent acquisition strategy.”
Amanda Tarkenton, Recruiting Operations Manager at Vercel

Gem talent marketing offers a wide breadth of functionality, eliminating the need for multiple tools and systems. From employer branding and events management to lead capture, talent nurturing, and more, Gem consolidates all aspects of recruitment marketing into one centralized location. This all-in-one approach streamlines workflows, improves cost-effectiveness, and ensures accurate tracking of candidate data. Any leads, interactions, or applicants acquired through talent marketing are automatically captured and tracked, eliminating the need for manual data entry. With Gem, our customers like Vercel have experienced the efficiency of consolidated vendor management and the peace of mind that comes with accurate and up-to-date candidate data, all within the platform recruiters already know and love.

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Demonstrate ROI and the impact of your strategy

With Gem’s [Talent Marketing], we can track success…the amazing thing about the full-funnel view is that now we’ll have an answer to the question: Did we hire any candidates directly from this event?”
Sr. Recruiting Program Manager at global cloud-based content management system

And finally,  Gem seamlessly integrates candidate data from recruitment marketing and the ATS, providing comprehensive analytics that connect top-of-funnel activities to bottom-of-funnel results. By understanding how your talent marketing efforts contribute to pipeline building and successful hires, you can analyze the effectiveness of different tactics, justify your investment in specific strategies, and optimize your recruitment marketing approach with confidence. Our customers like, Box, use these analytics to demonstrate the direct impact of their campaigns and events on hiring outcomes.

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Get started with Gem Talent Marketing

With Gem, you have the tools and resources to level up your recruitment marketing game and achieve unparalleled success.

  • Control your employer brand without waiting for other teams

  • Consolidate vendors to drive efficient workflows and reduce costs

  • Ensure accurate candidate tracking with all data in one system

  • Make smarter, data-driven decisions with end-to-end analytics

If you’d like to learn more about how Gem Talent Marketing can help you attract more qualified candidates, request a demo to contact our team!


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